Pre-Training: Day off

Today is scheduled for another 3 mile run but I'm skipping as I'm having problems with my left ankle. It doesn't seem to want to heal and, at worst, it's tough to walk on. Lots of ice and ibuprofen seem to be helping, but only temporarily. I think if I give it a rest until Monday, I should be fine.

This is bugging me. I can't quite seem to shake the injuries from my left leg. This is different from the knee and hip issues I was having and definitely not the same thing as the calf issues I was having. It's bugging the hell out of me because this leg just won't fucking cooperate. It's tough to run with a limp.
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i'm not a runner and i know i never will be, but everyone i know who DOES run on a regular basis is *always* talking about injuries and physical pain that they "must" endure. So i'm left wondering, why do it!?! Haven't there been plenty of studies that say walking is better for you? Just curious :)
Okay, but if it means you can't walk, then why do a marathon?? :) That seems crazy... is it just a personal goal and then after you accomplish it you'll let your body rest and heal?
I've every intention of letting my body rest and heal after that. I don't anticipate being a long distance runner the rest of my life, but just once, I'd like to do it.

I expect, though, that if I finish one, my body will be in good enough shape that it will find it easier to handle this.

And maybe if i did try running i'd be able to understand the absolute joy (not to mention the benefits) some of you guys talk about.
Might be time to get it looked at, sweetie. If you get temporary relief but then additional stress makes it worse, there might be something you'll just aggravate to the point of real damage if you keep running on it without knowing what you're dealing with.

Go get checked out, please?
If several days of rest doesn't take care of the problem, I will. Right now, there's nothing I'm experiencing that's unusual. I've been doing a lot of research about this and I'm reasonably certain that I've not done any permanent damage. It's just annoying me.
My main concern is that you've had two or three fairly minor issues with the same leg... often, when you compensate for an injury, other areas get hurt. I don't want you to find out the hard way that you've exacerabated the original injury and ruin your ability to succeed at something important to you.

And of course, I'm only bugging you because I care. :)
Hey, C? Do you know 2 other people who want to go to Roseburg this weekend?

I am sad to announce that we've decided not to go. Or rather I've decided that I can't possibly drive 5 hours down there, spend all day Saturday drinking, drive 5 hours back on Sunday and then go back to my temp job in Tanasbourne on Monday. I just ... cannot ... do ... it. :(

So we have 2 tix up for grabs. Do you know anyone who might be able to use them? I've asked Mo, too.

Since we both have Fri - Sun off, Mathias and I have decided to go to the beach, instead.
Crap! Let me see if I can scare anyone else up. I don't know, though :( I was looking forward to seeing you two down there.
You could walk the marathon. That would be cool. Screw the hares, man - someone's gotta represent foxxxy tortoise what-for.

I bet you would get news coverage, too, bringing up the rear, and they could tie it back into their coverage of you as the champion defender of those victimized by identity theft! oh, daddy! i see movie-of-the-week potential here!
son of a bitch about a murdering marathon? Yeah, that would rock!! No wait! You could dress up as Invader Zim, and it could be an Invader Zim marathon, just like on Nick at Nite! Or.... *dead from a heart attack*
Stop taking Ibuprofen. Take buffered aspirin instead.

I'm serious; Ibuprofen is pain relief and an anti-inflammatory, but it actually delays healing. It interferes with the expression of one of the key growth factors in healing, early growth response factor (Egr-1). This slows blood vessel and bone growth, both, which is why it's not actually a good idea to take Ibuprofen for broken bones!

The research demonstrating the effect came out last year, don't know how many doctors are aware of it yet. Aspirin isn't nearly so bad for that.
Actually, there are (or were) a few references specifically about the effect of NSAIDs on healing, which started a lot earler than I had thought -- seems like journal articles were appearing as early as 1996. Unfortunately when I've tried to find those supposedly available on line most of them come up 404.

References, anyway:
Butcher C K, March D R. "Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs delay tibial fracture healing." Injury 1996; 27: 375.

Allami MK, Giannoudis PV. "Cox inhibitors and bone healing." Acta Orthop Scand. 2003 Dec;74(6):771-2.

Sanchez-Fidalgo S, Martin-Lacave I, Illanes M, Motilva V. "Angiogenesis, cell proliferation and apoptosis in gastric ulcer healing. Effect of a selective cox-2 inhibitor." Eur J Pharmacol. 2004 Nov 28;505(1-3):187-94.
(Ibuprofen was specifically the Cox-2 inhibitor tested in this paper, and it is probably the paper I was thinking of.)

Tarnawski AS, Jones MK. "Inhibition of angiogenesis by NSAIDs: molecular mechanisms and clinical implications." J Mol Med. 2003 Oct;81(10):627-36. Epub 2003 Sep 6.
--This last is a key paper, and points toward the way that ibuprofen inhibits inflammation being involved both in its prevention of healing and in inhibition of cancer. It's actually fascinating stuff!