Watch for Ice

Things to be Thankful For

My phone is working again.

I just bought a bottle of Laphroaig 15-year (not a common occurrence).

I am thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to being done with the bulk of work for the project that has me working so much.
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mmmm Laphroaig...


All my scotches are packed away for the move.
No, I didn't have to pay anything. I just had to reach a "personal care specialist." (Whatever the hell that is.) Once she read through the notes on my file and saw that I even supplied a police report number, she kicked it to her boss with a request that my service be reinstated. Yay!
This comment is somewhat random, but I figured I'd tack it on here.

Although I'm not training for anything, I set foot into the gym yesterday for the first time in months and months, if not really years. I'm sick and tired of being so fat (and really, I'm not *that* fat) and slothful, and seeing how much effort you've put into your working out and how much it's helped you out, it's given me that much more inspiration to try it again.

Thanks. :)
As of right now, not really. If anything, I'm trying to just get some sort of workout routine to be, well, routine. I want to make it a habit to at least get some sort of exercise into my day.

I think long term, I'd like to redevelop the definition I used to have in my legs (which is still mostly there, but I have noticed some decrease in strength lately, which bugs) and to bring my upper body strength into sync with my lower body. I used to be able to squat 600 max, but couldn't bench press 150 without nearly dying. I'm not saying I want to be able to lift 600 pounds, but the disparity is there, and it's been noticed by athletic trainers in the past, so it's something I'd like to eventually focus on. It'd be nice to actually have a bicep that'd distinguishable from the rest of the arm.