T-Mobile Fun

So T-Mobile still hasn't reactivated my phone. Today's chat was "fun."

T-Mobile: Sir, you'll have to go to the store where the charges were incurred and dispute them.
Ovid: How can I do that if you can't tell me which store this was?
T-Mobile: Hmm, I guess that's a problem.

After digging in deeper, they agree that there may be fraudulent activity on the account. Seems they were unable to tell me how I upgraded my phone seven times in the same day at the same store!

They say they'll call back and this time they promise they mean it.
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Demand to know why they allow their salespeople to make changes and use your cc advance checks without seeing identification first.
And SEVEN times?

Not even the worst Phoniacs upgrades their phones more than once/month...

Phoniac = Phone Maniac = That Dweeb whose life consists of having the latest model phone and annoying everyone with it all the time.

'Phoniac' (c) 2005 Anthony Lion...
What's curious is that, even though they can't tell me which store this was at, they do know that it all happened at the same store. I'm hard-pressed to believe that the store clerks were this stupid. Something smells fishy.
i would assume that they're just trying to cover their stupid asses, since giving you info would show their mistakes... sorry you're still having to deal with this. What a frustrating pain!
I have, but not while I'm on the phone. I'm very persistent and don't let them hang up until I've wrung them dry (the conversation went on a lot longer than what you see above), but if I get pissed off and lose my temper at them, they're much less likely to help. I have no leverage here and they know it.
I understand that phone companies have a lot of regulations as to what info they can give over the phone and what info they can give in person. -- Is it that they do not have the store info to tell you, or that they cant tell you? for if it is that latter you should be able to go to any store and they should be able to look up what number store helped them(you).

I wish you luck and just remember to breathe while this is going on.

I don't mind if they're not being allowed to tell me the store. It's when they won't tell me the store but then tell me I have to go there that I get pissed off.