If you're trying to get in tough with me, use email or comment in my journal. Seems that there's an extra $600.00 on my T-Mobile account and they refuse to turn my phone back on until they've verified what happened, despite the fact that I've been a customer for years. Turns out that the jackasses who stole my identity had gotten my cell number, too.

Looks like it's time for me to get another cell phone provider. Any recommendations?
How am I supposed to call you??? Oh well, lol. I'll get over it. Hope you're ok. I replied to your running. Brought up an old injury/memory. Anyhow, how the heck are you? I am online if you want to say hi! I don't have sound right now. I have a new pc but the sound card is bad. I'm online on yahoo and msn. Take your pick if you're up to it. Love ya bro! Hugs!

They have just hit you on all fronts. I have SO got to recheck my credit reports now that it has been a few months to see if there were any additional tricks the jerkwads pulled who stole my identity. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop that I couldn't have been THAT lucky that we found out about it within weeks of it happening and were able to shut everything down with no ill effect. Even that was a nightmare, so my thoughts are with you and visions of burning in hell are with whoever did this to you.
I use Verizon :)
They don't have as good phones as T-mobile, but they have good coverage( well everywhere except right next to my computer it seems-_-)
Verizon's been pretty good, I've been with them for 4-5 years now. No major complaints, anyway.
I'll give another nod to Verizon. Good coverage -- I even got a signal from high on the western slope of Mt. Hood. I'm not into fancy/complicated/trendy phones.
Meh. Check the deal websites. Find the cheapest phone you can and put up with whatever service provider it is. has the RAZR for free right now....
You mean, your provider dictates what kind of Phone you can use?

Next you'll be saying that you have to pay when someone calls you...

I've been using cell-phones since 1996, and I have never had to limit myself to whatever my provider considered good.

Not that I change them that often. My first, a Nokia 2110 wasn't swapped out for a Siemens M50 until summer 2002 when it became water damaged. I do have several others, Communicators, smartphones and even PCMCIA shaped Data-only phones I use now and then, though. All on the same subscription.
Let me clarify: if you're purchasing a new phone, and you don't want to spend much, if any money, then you'll look at cell phones that come with rebates. Those rebates are either reseller-subsidized or more commonly provider-subsidized.

Guess what? If you buy a provider-subsidized phone, you're also going to be signing up for a 6, 12, or 24 month contract that that provider.
I use Verizon, and if I were not in Keizer, I'd say it was GREAT. :)
(verizon's coverage for me could be better, but the customer service is good, they contacted me to say I needed to get the cheaper plan because of how little I use my phone *shrug* I thought that was pretty nifty)

My instructor just got cingular, and he really likes it a lot, says coverage is good and prices are decent too.
I hear Verizon is okay in Oregon, but ditch it if you move to Chicago. My experience with Verizon here sucked. I love T-Mobile. I'm sorry to hear they're not more understanding about the situation you had with the identity thiefs. How did they manage to rack up a $600 bill with them?
What? Am I supposed to be moving to Chicago now? Do you have nefarious plans for me? :)

Basically, they had my convenience checks and I think they pulled a copy of my phone bill from the recycling. With that information, they went ahead and bought a bunch of phones and paid for them with the checks. When the checks bounced, T-Mobile put the charges on my account (understandable) but didn't bother to tell me before shutting off my account and won't reactivate without an investigation, despite the fact that I've been a customer with them for many years.
What about the police reports? Can you show them the news clip you said you were on? I thought they couldn't just do that anymore. I've seen people run their bills up over a thousand and get away with it. Oh well, hope it gets resolved for you soon. Hugs!!
Ok, I'm reading this after making my first reply; the dept that shut your acct down may not have been aware of the reason for the checks bouncing and it is not in our(meaning Cingular so your experience may differ) policy to call out to the customer regardless of tenure when things come back for certain reasons. I really think once you talk to the right dept and they are able to access info that supports what happened to you it will get sorted out. When all of this id theft started did you call Verizon to notify them? If you did and it was notated they should be able to reinstate and set a follow up date pending investigation into the whole mess. I know that's what I would do if you were one of my customers. Considering you have a police report and all I would also ask for the direct and fax#'s for their legal/subpoena compliance dept so you can send that info to them as well. (If you haven't already done so.)
Actually, it was T-Mobile and not Verizon. But no, I didn't call to notify them because I had no reason to think they were involved. As far as I could tell, the thieves had my credit card numbers and that was that.

And it looks like they're not available Memorial Day weekend :(
I've been sort of following the id theft stuff you've posted about but I'm not sure about the charges to your cell phone. I may work for a different company but I deal w/ stuff like this all the time so if you can fill me in I may have some advice. It does suck that it is happening over a holiday weekend 'cause I know our whole payment fraud dept. is off for the weekend meaning anyone with issues like yours is stuck until Tues. if Verizon has similar operating policies.

I'm assuming when all of this first started that you have already alerted the major ssn reporting agencies of the fraud? If not, definititely do so. Whenever I'm working an account if I run a ssn check on DTEC and I see a fraud alert on the ssn I know what I might be dealing with so when the actual person calls in I'm more likely to believe their story and be able to restore their service. You may have to provide what we call POV meaning proof of validity on all the payment methods you have used on your account for the last 6 months which means you either need to be able to provide a phone number for your bank/financial institution and the rep will do a conference call to verify the acct is active and in your name or you can fax a credit card statement along w/ your id to show ownership. This is to ensure that there will be no returned items or chargebacks on the account for payments made in that time.
I know that as the victim this may seem harsh but just like any company they are looking at the financial bottom line and can't just go on somebody's word. Believe me I deal with some really sad cases where they have prepaid service and when they tell me their version of what happened I understand but the service absolutely cannot be reinstated.
I love t-mobile but you know that. my second bet would be Cingular, then Sprint then Verizon. I hate Verizon. My sister has it and it's nothing but trouble. i just see a black cloud following them.