Ovid (publius_ovidius) wrote,

There's a woman suing Yahoo! because they didn't take down the allegedly fake profiles of her when she asked. They contained nude photos and were allegedly put up by her ex-boyfriend. He also posed as her in chat rooms and directed men to show up at her work to have sex with her. She's suing Yahoo! for 3 million.

Now this is interesting. Is Yahoo! responsible? She asked them, more than once, to remove the fake profiles. I certainly have no idea how she could prove who she was, but Yahoo! allegedly didn't even respond to her requests. So should they be liable for the activities of her ex? If so, anyone want to be my "ex?" We could make a fortune. Of course, you might have to flee the country to avoid being charged with a crime, but I'll pay your way from the winnings.

No, I'm not serious, but I do wonder why Yahoo! should be liable? If they lose, I could easily see people queuing up for their chance at the trough. Hell, someone will probably find a finger in their damned profile.
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