Pre-training tendonitis

After everything I've been reading, I'm pretty certain that the pain in my left leg was due to a very mild case of tendonitis. I am going to skip today's run and Saturday's run and continue with the RICE therapy. The leg actually feels fine today, so I'm hopeful I can work with this. Barring something unexpected, I think I'll be running again (lightly) by Monday.

I need to be sure to stretch more carefully after my runs and not push myself too hard. That's where my problem lies.
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i remembered a way to increase your running workout! theres these mini parchute things that create drag rather than weights you might look like a doofus but if you run at a school track it will be commomplace you wear it like a backpack and it extends out like 2 feet behind you kinda like a drag racer parchute thingy
I've had tendonitis before, its damn painful. As you say, don't push yourself too hard. I kept trying to ignore the pain and it only made it ache all the more.

Good luck!
Ice if your friend as far as tendonitis goes. Don't stop your workout, but make sure to moniter the pain and tailor your activity around it. To rid yourself of it I'd recommend icing the affected area for 20 minutes twice or three times a day and after you exersize. Popping an advil or two will help with any swelling you have (if there is any).

Stretching when warming up and cooling down coupled with light isolation workouts will also prevent/treat any further trouble.

Not sure if you know this already but here's a good way to increase your mile speed (and over all endurance), I reccomend performing on a regulation 400m track:

1. Walk 400m (1/4 mile)
2. Stretch
3. Jog 400m, rest for 3 minutes
4. Sprint 200m (1/2 mile), rest for 3 minutes. Repeat 4 times for a total of 1600m (1 mile).

Do this once a week, twice tops, and I guarentee you'll see improvements. Don't over do it or you won't give the muscle time to break down and you'll actually see a drop in performance.

As for Circle's advice: it is a legitimate method of training. It's more of a sprinter work out as the muscles most affected are the hamstrings and in an explosive manner. If you don't feel like tying (or buying for that matter) a parachute to yourself get a sweatshirt, a length of rope (between 8' and 10'), and a friend. Put the shirt between you and the rope, put the sweatshirt on/above your hips (where ever is comforatable), have a friend hold onto the rope and pull you back while you run as fast as you can. This exercise is usually run in 100m or 50m sprints.

If you have any other questions just ask. I'll answer them as best I can.
Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it. If I start running again on Monday and hold up well, I'll still have enough time to train. In the meantime, lots of ice and ibuprofen. Is Advil better?

And I notice you describe yourself as a gymnast. Is that where you came by your knowledge? I'm curious about your background. Mind if I add you?
Not at all, but I never post. My main journal is here.

What I know I've picked up from reading, listening while in the training room (and peeking through the trainer's textbook ;) ), paying attention when I'm being treated, and I plan on becoming an athletic trainer or a physical therapist.

As for my physcial background: I've enjoyed hiking, running, jogging, biking, backpacking, swimming, and trampoline since I was about 10 (and have been a gymnast since 5) and all of my friends are nearly as active.
I myself love the RICE method and have gotten to know it very well. I have gotten injuries (and near injuries) that resulted simply because of pushing myself too hard.

It sucks, and this I know- but at least you are not on the verge of stress fractures. Those suck even more. I had three of them right in the middle of cross country season last year.
Do you remember....
When we were living next door to the horrible little girls that threw the broken coffee jar in the back yard?? Maybe that old scar is a source of your weird pain...assuming that's the leg you fell on the coffee jar with. Mom still has that old cast! She said she is saving it for you....ick
Re: Do you remember....
Yeah, I remember that jar. I still have a nasty scar on my leg from it. Fortunately, it's my other leg that's bothering me, so it's not related.

Surprised mom still has that cast. I rather wish I had it, but, like the photos, she'd promise to send it and wouldn't. Mom's a damned liar.