Ovid (publius_ovidius) wrote,


Happy birthday pdx42! (or do you consider tomorrow your birthday? Damn that international dateline thing.)

Last night _sister_madly_ and I took pdx42 out to the VNV Nation concert. Well, that was the plan. In reality, _sister_madly_ took ill and thedr9wningman lent us the use of amaralis for the evening. Afterwards, it was off to the Red Cap to buy a birthday drink for fireesin.

I could actually go on for quite a bit about LJ users. There were very few people who I saw last night (who I knew) who weren't on my friend's list. Damn. That's a fair number of people: pdx_catalyst, odori_ko, circle23, slapcat, koschei23, hrpukensheet, acu_martin, dustandpowder (hadn't seen her in ages!), fmlcupid, onrevolution (hadn't seen him in a while, either), ladyraven13 and vampyre_child. And that's not counting those who either don't have LJs or I don' know they have them. I probably forgot or didn't see a few others.

And for the record, VNV Nation puts on an awesome concert.
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