Happy birthday pdx42! (or do you consider tomorrow your birthday? Damn that international dateline thing.)

Last night _sister_madly_ and I took pdx42 out to the VNV Nation concert. Well, that was the plan. In reality, _sister_madly_ took ill and thedr9wningman lent us the use of amaralis for the evening. Afterwards, it was off to the Red Cap to buy a birthday drink for fireesin.

I could actually go on for quite a bit about LJ users. There were very few people who I saw last night (who I knew) who weren't on my friend's list. Damn. That's a fair number of people: pdx_catalyst, odori_ko, circle23, slapcat, koschei23, hrpukensheet, acu_martin, dustandpowder (hadn't seen her in ages!), fmlcupid, onrevolution (hadn't seen him in a while, either), ladyraven13 and vampyre_child. And that's not counting those who either don't have LJs or I don' know they have them. I probably forgot or didn't see a few others.

And for the record, VNV Nation puts on an awesome concert.
hehe we have a mutual aquantance in Jason/pdx_catalyst
he dj'd a party at my house.
my old roommate and he used to dj togehter and they are friends so he just asked

jason is rad like that
he's pretty much the only dj i'd go see now

he was going to be the hub of my birthday
but he didn't wind up dj'ing on the 9th and he did on my bday but no one came
Glad you enjoyed the show.

I got your message too late last night.
Good to see you again, a shadow of your former self and dancing with our group in the aisles :)
definitely let me know if you want to go for a bike ride sometime, let me know when would work for you
Nice seeing you at the show - it was a good one!

Hope that your leg gets better. I'd definitely recommend you see your doctor if the pain does not go away after a week. A serious injury will sideline you for a whole running season if you're not careful. Hang in there.
thanks for "using me", i mean letting me use lil's ticket. it was fun to be out and about.
Heh. I just noticed Cedric in the background of your icon. He looks like a goth version of Ted Johnson.

Sorry Sean and I got separated from you. Too busy milling around and meeting friends. It was great hanging out with you.
Heh, yeah he does kinda.

No problem, things like that happen at big concerts. It was fun just to people watch and drink my beer.
I just went to Ember's with my friend Dave and he and my other friend Amy also went to the VNV Nation concert. Good thing I don't care about trendy shit or I might feel a little out of the loop.

Glad you had fun at the concert. Talk to you soon, tons of homework!