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Boring diet update

Lunch today was an egg white omelette with green onions, mushrooms and brie. From what I can tell, the yolk not only adds fat and flavor, but a certain je ne sais glue. The omelette didn't quite fall to pieces, but it was close.

One would think, of course, that adding brie would more than make up for the lack of egg yolk. The trick is to not add so much brie that you can actually taste it. OK, that's not quite true. I could taste it and lunch was heavenly (and surprisingly low-fat), but certainly not dripping with brie the way I would have liked it. Hmm ... crab. Crab and brie omelette. Maybe that's what I should try next.

Tonight will be baked salmon, brussel sprouts and shredded potatoes. Despite the richness of my diet, as of yesterday morning the scale said I've lost 25 pounds.
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