Boring diet update

Lunch today was an egg white omelette with green onions, mushrooms and brie. From what I can tell, the yolk not only adds fat and flavor, but a certain je ne sais glue. The omelette didn't quite fall to pieces, but it was close.

One would think, of course, that adding brie would more than make up for the lack of egg yolk. The trick is to not add so much brie that you can actually taste it. OK, that's not quite true. I could taste it and lunch was heavenly (and surprisingly low-fat), but certainly not dripping with brie the way I would have liked it. Hmm ... crab. Crab and brie omelette. Maybe that's what I should try next.

Tonight will be baked salmon, brussel sprouts and shredded potatoes. Despite the richness of my diet, as of yesterday morning the scale said I've lost 25 pounds.
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Thanks. I'm quite happy about this. Actually, if you look at me now, you'd never guess that I still have extra weight. I really don't look overweight at all, but that's because most of the weight is a layer of fat on my gut that I can't quite seem to shake but that loose clothes hide well.
Yup, my gut is the only problem area. Arms and legs look great, so I suck in the old gut with a corset. One good thing about being a girl I guess.
i forgot to mention that cheese (i've tried soy and almond) helps to coagulate the whites.
25lbs!!! Damn, thats great. I lost 4lbs but gained it all back due to the frickin' monthly bloat. gur
I joined Weight Watchers. To be honest, I'm rather embarrassed about admitting that, though I know that's silly. Somehow, the idea that I'm reliant on someone else for help almost sounds like I wasn't "strong enough" to do it myself. Of course, I also went to see a shrink for a year and had the same feelings. I'm generally a fairly self-reliant individual, so trying to get "external" help is actually pretty rough for me.

What finally pushed me over the edge was one friend who lost over 80 pounds, another who lost over fifty and one who joined right before I did. He's now lost a huge amount of weight and is doing fantastic. Having someone to attend the meetings with helps.
Yeah, I do WW online and it is not the same, but it is much less money, from what I understand.

And it is more than okay to seek help in obtaining your goals. :D
No, I think that's a good think. My ex-girlfriend did Weight Watchers and lost about 35 pounds. I think the combination of support, peer pressure and a diet plan is a really good idea. It also helped that we went to the gym together a lot. :)
I hear that renegade on admitting "I wasn't strong enough," that...and gettin weighed in front of other people. That, would make me pee my pants. But...damn...some people have lost a lotta weight on that program, it's like some kinda weightloss crack (I know, I know, it's determination and education).
Hey guy, it looks like I'll be in town earlier than expected. What's your June guest schedule like?
I'm flying into PDX the evening (around 7pm) of June 7 and need a place to stay until the 9th. :) And you'll have me, even if I'm now a blonde?
Well, that's interesting. On June 7, 18 years ago, I flew out of the Portland airport on a one-way ticket to Hawaii where I was promptly homeless. It's an anniversary for a very interesting turning point in my life.

And yes, I'd be happy to have you, even if you are blonde right now :)
Hunt down "EggBeaters". It's a small, yellow, milk-carton like box full of egg whites. They taste pretty decent, lack the salt one would expect in a processed egg product, have no cholesterol or fat but retaining the protien content of an egg (6g), and still find it within themselves to coagulate into one solid mass on your frying pan.

:D Good work so far.

What's your daily water intake?
Actually, when I said "egg white omelette", it's using a store-brand version of EggBeaters. I figured that egg whites are egg whites and I'd hardly be sacrificing flavor.

As for the water intake, that's spotty and is definitely the Achilles' heel in my training. I tend to dehydrate easily, but I never drink enough water. I usually consume it in the form of diet soda, though I've added Country Time sugar free lemonade recently in an attempt to get me to drink more.