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Thou Art God (or at least a dictator)

Congratulations! You've been made dictator of the USA for the next year. Your word is law. Until your reign is over, you can do anything you like to fix this country.

What do you? (And no, you don't get to extend your reign)
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Make it legal to kill people who talk during movies. That may not seem an obvious move in the right direction, but it couldn't hurt.
1) Re-align the tax structure to proessivly tax income, environmental toxins, and churches

2) eliminate the medical insurance industry and institute a national healthcare system for everyone

3) start building a real bike and public transportation system that actually works.

If that enough for one year?
Just off the top of my head...
God! Where to start!?

Legalize and tax recreational drugs, pump up good honest education about them, such as a sane dosage, and license manufacturers to ensure a clean supply.

Legalize gay marriage

Make an annual income tax of 100% on the overage of people that make more that $250,000 a month and use the money for social programs focused on education, nutrition, sheltering the homeless and feeding the hungry.

Socialize medical care.

Make it just as taboo to talk about your religion with strangers as it would be to discuss your genitals. Legalize pressing harassment charges on door to door and public religious recruitment. Make "because the bible says..." Instantly disqualify any argument as valid anyplace that involves rules and legislation. Give the religious nuts a "reservation" of their own to go live on and leave the rest fo us alone.

Make the equinoxes and solstices national holidays and unmake all the purely religious holidays something that is observed by government mandate.

Death penalty for serial rapist, wifebeaters, and child molesters.

And institute this policy on my way out.

Institute a national, possibly global Freecycle network.

Make alternative fuel sources and a cure for AIDs the nation's highest priority with well funded studies.

Free condoms and birth control easily accessible by anybody who wants them.

Can you tell I haven't given this question much thought over the years.
Easy. Abolish and prohibit completely, during my reign, any form of state, coercive political authority, or coercive social hierarchy.

Try to wrap your head around THAT one!
Only three things for the first year (these might look kind of strange to Republicans and Democrats since they don't include piling on more legislation or spending more money):

1 Reduce government back to its (original) constitutionally defined form.
2 Require that all congressmen have to read every word of every bill that is put before them BEFORE they vote on it.
3 Decriminalize victimless crime, but that kind of logically follows with 1.
Rewrite the Constitution to:
  • Specify a dictionary which is considered definitive for interpreting it. (Remember, "regulating state commerce" was originally written when "regulate" meant "to make regular", not "to make rules regarding".)
  • No longer contain a general welfare clause.
  • Say specifically that no powers are granted to the government except those that are specifically mentioned, and that those powers should be interpreted as conservatively (i.e. tightly) as possible.
  • Restrict the scope of the federal government to interstate law enforcement, immigrant registration, import regulation, interstate travel and commerce "un-restriction", and national defense.
  • State that the federal govenrment may deny its services to states that refuse to contribute a portion of their revenue to the feds. (In other words, non-payment is akin to seccession.)
The rest of the time would be spent making sure the transition to this system doesn't cause massive problems.
Let me think...
Dictator, huh?

1) Flat Tax.
2) Give humans and other legal entities all the same rights and responsiblity
3) Make personal responsibilty a driving force in our legal system (get rid of lawers and insurance companies almopst by default)
4) Mandantory two year military civil service upon graduation from high school
5) Give all the money we give in the form of corp welfare to schools.
6) Allow students to take their parents school taxes and attend any school they want, even private or prochial schools.
7) Jobs instead of welfare, pay companies to employ the unemployed.
8) Get rid of the two party system, and move to a more reasonible multi-party open access system.
9) Grant myself the golden parachute to end all parachutes.
10) Declare war for Iraq, Afganistan, Iran, N. Korea, Rowanda, Timor, etc....
bring back clinton and let him work his magic again

oh and he can't leave office ever again
Hm, this is a tough one. Most of my initial thoughts would probably incite significant violance, perhaps civil war, and thus would probably go against my policy of being a uniter, not a divider (Bush's marketing people had some good ideas. Too bad Bush ignored most of them.)

  1. Get rid of the defense of marrige act. Let states let same-sex couples really marry, if they wish. Let the Supreme Court deal with the fallout eventually. This has to move slowly, or it will incite huge amounts of violance -- the anti-Jim Crow civil rights movement moved about as fast as possible without full-out civil war... and it wasn't /that/ fast.

  2. Increase Federal gas taxes, and give the money directly to public transportation funding. Put it in on a sliding scale of 1c/gal/month.

  3. Legalize prostitution, with licensing -- manditory screenings for STDs most importantly.

  4. Legalize most drugs, with similar rules to alchohol -- manditory purity marking, with very tough peanlities for breaking those laws. Most drug deaths happen when people aren't taking what they think they are.

  5. Do feasibility and efficacy studies on having a license to drink, to do drugs, to smoke, etc. Have a test on how dangerous it is. Make them carry a card that says they know the risks, and choose to do it anyway. Then tell them it's their own damn fault when they die or kill, and proscute drunk driving that kills somebody as nothing less then life in prision.

  6. Remove party bias from voting. No party levers. No marking of what party somebody is.

  7. Hire good cryptologists and UI designers to design voting procedures. Follow their recomendations, mostly. Make sure everything they do is above-board by publishing every word they utter. Their guiding principle should be to make sure that the counts are correct (that is, matches the intent of those who voted), while keeping as few people who can legally vote from doing so as possible, and as many as cannot legally vote from voting as possible. Preferablly, make the count as meaningly verifiable as possible without giving away who voted for whom. (IE it should be possible for an individual to tell that their vote counted without anybody being able to tell what it was.)

  8. Do studies into various forms of non-traditional voting -- "pick all you like", "rank the choices in order", etc.

  9. Make schools much more student- and self- governing.

  10. Let students pick their schools.

  11. Really give soverenty to Iraq. Stop trying to run their affairs.

  12. The best security is not pissing people off quite so much.

  13. ...esp your own citizens.

  14. The Constitution applies everywhere and everywhen. Even in Cuba. Even in wartime. (And this is not wartime.) Non-Americans are still people under the Constitution.

  15. All work done with government money shall be in the public domain... including work done by government contract.

  16. Copyright shall last 10 years, renewable once at a fee to be set by the Library of Congress for an additional 10 years (not including existing copyrights, which will last as long as they would have, had copyright not been extended since their creation). However, copyright will expire once $10,000 revenues have been made from an item unless two copies of the source (see GNU GPL for defintion) is given to the Library of Congress.

  17. The Library of Congress shall make it's entire catalog available free of charge to any takers, less a fee that shall not be more then the lesser of the cost of copying or $1/gigabyte or part thereof. Moneies from copyright renewal fees shall pay for this when the cost exceeds $1/gig.

  18. Patents shall be as above. The deposit requirement requires a working example for the renewal, but only plans for the initial filing.

  19. Anything sent over the air is public domain.

OK, that's enough for now.

After reading all of these (including a couple below you), you're the person I'd pick to lead. I don't necessarily agree with every single point, but you have the best set of ideas yet.
Add my vote, too. The last few confused me a little, but the rest sounded good and solid.

All I'd add would be adding citizen's arrest, and making it possible for drivers to ticket one another for traffic violations, probably if they passed some traffic law exam of some kind.
1: revoke everybody's citizenship and send them packing
2: raze the cities, suburbs, and farmland
3: start over from scratch.

1) Legalize prostitution. They're gonna do it anyway, so why not make them licensed, clean, and legal, then tax it and pump that money into some programs that could really use that money?

2) Legalize recreational drugs. Tax them and also divert that money to some deserving programs. And free those who are in jail for simple possession offenses.

3) Fill the jail cells you just freed in #2 with all the fucking spammers, child pornographers, and virus writers.

4) Clean up the election system. No straight-party balloting. More sane, rational, thought out voting systems.

5) Part of being a member of a free society is being mature enough to understand that some people's freedoms are going to piss you off. People who don't get this and demand special treatment will be subjected to mandatory sensitivity testing.

6) Fix the immigration problems. I could go on forever about this one, but in short, the way we deal with immigration (and illegal immigration) does not work. Amnesty is not the answer as it encourages people to continue to live outside of the law.

There, I think I've offended those of all political persuasions enough for one day ;) Thanks for the open invitation to rant about this in your LJ :)
* Have every member of the Supreme Court who believes that campaign contributions are protected by the First Amendment hung on the White House lawn. Replace said justices. Significantly limit allowable campaign finance contributions under severe penalty, especially in the Senate.

* Eliminate tax free status for mystery religions. All aspects of a religion must be open to qualify.

* Tort. Law. Reform. Now.

* Massive environmental effort. Adopt many of California's environmental standards. Sign Kyoto Protocol. Promote environmental technology.

* Line. Item. Veto. End pork. I mean riders.

* End funding for most long range missile programs. Put majority of funding for military technology into armored vehicles and advanced body armor.

* Recognize Taiwan's independence.

* Request military base in India. Re-open bases in Turkey if possible.

* Trade sanctions against China unless they shape the fuck up.

* Renig on NAFTA. Wah.

* Massive crackdown on illegal immigration.

* Have Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Carmen Electra, Ashlee Simpson and Michael Jackson executed and their bodies buried in secret. Hope news quality improves.

That's all I got for now.
Ooh, right. Can't forget Paris Hilton. Updated todo list:

* Put "alicetheowl" in charge of my "Stupid people I need to kill" committee.
I think I would go mad with power so it is best not to think about it
Welfare reform
Redo the welfare program and MAKE all those lazy women get spayed like a cat and off their fat butts and into the work force instead of making babies and forcing men to pay for them! Oh and this goes for a few of the men too! I've actually seen a few men taking advantage of the system but it's mostly women. Start throwing people in jail for this crap! I can't stand to see someone go into a store with three or four gold necklaces and two inch fake nails and a hairdo and layers of expensive clothes an their children look like dirty orphans and ask for candy but mom says no! Then she buys beer and lottery and cigs and then has the audacity too ask do you take "Lonestar"? That is the name of Texas welfare card. Have I pissed anyone off yet?