I am sick, sick, sick of those damned "WWJD" stickers. They offend me. They don't offend me due to a reference to Jesus. I don't care what your beliefs are. What offends me is the implication of WWJD. There is no "I" in Jesus. To all of those Christians out there who have those asinine WWJD bumper stickers, t-shirts, wrist bracelets, etc., I just want to scream take a little personal fucking responsibility, people!

I don't give a damn about what Jesus would do. Jesus is dead. Get over it. What would you do? Do you really believe your god is saying "thou art a mindless zombie who must not think for yourself"? Do you really believe a book written for humans, transcribed by humans, now existing as the NIV, the KJV, the TEV, with or without Apocrypha, that's partially read by a few people, understood by even fewer and is riddled with contradictions (and some great sex scenes and a few creepy ones) and glorifies behavior that many of us would find horrifying is a complete, accurate guide for your life?

I want a WWID bumper sticker. What Would I Do? Most people, if left to their own devices, are quite capable of knowing the difference between right and wrong. They may not follow it, but they're able to reach those conclusions without some dead guy who spoke Aramaic telling them what to do.

Personal responsibility is dead in this country and much of the blame lies with the Christians who want to legislate discrimination (i.e., there are great Christians out there, but a vocal minority SUCK) and Republicans who bow down to them.
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You're absolutely right. The concept of personal responsibility is a dead one in this society.
I didn't think I was the only person offended by the WWJD paraphenalia, but you've written a very nice piece about personal responsibility. As a Christian - but not a label using one - I think personal responsibility is the corner stone for right living, whether a Christian or not.

Hey, thanks! You've reminded me of a good point that I left out. For many, WWJD is just a slogan. It's something they can mindlessly fall back on without really considering the implications of their actions. The "WWJD" label somehow absolves them if their actions lead to greater evil.

I'm sure that's what Christ meant in dying for his follower's sins. "Don't blame me. Blame Jesus!"

Or as George Carlin once explained, "Symbols are for the symbol-minded."
While I'm libel to get myself smacked around for saying so, 'WWJD' isn't a particularly evil thing.
It provides a framework for people that do not have the moral fortitude to make their own decisions. This campaign was originally pointed towards teens, a group not well known for its forethought or responsibility.

Though, I will agree completely that a vocal, reactionary segment has given christians as a whole a bad aura.

I agree here. I think to ask, "What would Jesus have done" in any situation does not absolve one of personal responsibilty, it just provides a guideline if there is a doubt.

What would I do? Hell I *know* the answer to that! but it is not always the same as what 'Jesus' (still not convinced we aren't talking about a fictional creation at this point) would have done in the same situation! (Given I was some kind of Mega-channeler that could even begin to answer such a question, which NOBODY on this earth could do, but that's a whole nuther concept)

I have been really enjoying the "Who Would Jesus Bomb" stickers I have been seeing because I think they are more timely and to the point these days.
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isnt ELVIS actually more popular than hey-suce! (jesus)
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If Jesus had lived that long, think he would have developed a beer gut and a drug problem? Fame does funny things to people.
i as just thinking a similar rant after attending my aunt's church last weekend.

i'm not fond of the notion that as a human i have no power over what i do or how i do it so i need to pray all the time for guidance. that's not how it works
Well, if I were a Christian, my view would be this: just what the heck happened in Garden of Eden? If God didn't want Adam and Eve to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, he could have simply not put it there. Instead, he allowed them to choose. After life, personal choice was the first major gift God gave to people. Thus, for Christians to try and legislate their personal beliefs is to attempt to take away the gift that God gave us. The right-wing Christians are in the position of second-guessing God. Hmm ...
I wrote a big paragraph on why your dad gives you more credit for being a thinkingn individual than this alleged heavenly father who supposedly created us and our minds and should know how it works by now, but then erased it because it was too long and I started some circular reasoning. I'll work on my argument and maybe talk about it later.

The WWJD stickers are nothing but an attempt at groupthink. You should read in my blog about the church marquis that I passed that had this printed on it "Surrender is Victory when you yield to God." Oh wow, is Ignorance also Strength if you get enough people who worship the way you do together to kill all of the heretics destroying society (ask the crusaders)? Is Slavery also Freedom when you're in unrewarded servitude to God? That's double plus good! Maybe next week work shall set us free or some such drivel.

It offends me that people are so quick to give away their fundamental freedom to think for themselves. They are also quite willing to kill you if you stand against their thinking, not if you stand in their way, mind you, but rather if you don't think as they do. They are willing to take away your liberty in order to bind themselves to something intangible so that they can live for death to get a reward they don't know exists, all because of fear.
What would Jesus do?
I dunno, I seriously doubt he would put a bumper sticker on his car or even drive a car (that is if he were alive now)
Pretty sure he wouldn't declare war on a country over oil? Or even declare war on anything for that matter.
I don't think he would have been a Republican, even conservative Christian dogma depicts Jesus as... whats the term? Organic Crunchy Type.
I do think Jesus would have kept a LiveJournal, though he would have insisted that they store the servers in a dry dark desert cave.
I think Jesus would support open source, in fact open thought.
Jesus would probably laugh at Invader Zim.
My chief complaint with most Christians I know or meet is that they adamantly refuse to think for themselves. They never question what comees out of their ministers' mouths or what's written in their "holy" books. Whenever they have a crisis, they expect other people to tell them what to do - "My church doesn't believe in abortion." "My pastor thinks gay marriage is wrong." "The Pope doesn't believe in birth control." Yes, but what do YOU think. Most can't answer that question without quoting one of their "leaders".
When I see a "WWJD" item I'm reminded of a song by Ray Stevens titled Would Jesus Wear a Rolex on His Television Show?. Ahh, I miss Dr. Demento...
I'm no Jesus freak (Jew-turned-atheist), but I don't think this is in any way restricted to the religious types. The generally liberal preference for affirmative action ("we fucked your ancestors over, so now you don't have to work as hard because we're real sorry") and welfare systems ("oh, it's not your fault you can't hold a job for more than two weeks at a time") show the same thinking, just applied differently.

But then, I'm one of those libertarian freaks—what do I know?
I think Jesus would be appalled at the things that have been done in his name over the past 2000 years.
Just to see what was out there I did a little searching on alternate versions. Turns out WWID is already claimed by the Isis freaks ;)
I have no problem with the concept of WWJD. I see nothing wrong with Jesus the man as I've understood him to be portrayed, much less people wanting to emulate that ideal. What if it was "What Would Gandhi Do?" or "What Would MLK Do?" I don't think that would be an absolving of personal responsibility, either.
Well, to be fair, I generally don't hear people invoking the name of Gandhi or Martin Luther King as an excuse to deny civil rights to others. However, anyone who blindly consulted either of those two without bothering to give any thought to the consequences of this lack of thinking is just as worthy of my contempt. You've never struck me as that sort, so I consider you exempt from this, even if you do have a WWJD wristband :)

I am saddened by the idea of morality as a list to be consulted without question. However, I find it repugnant that there are those who feel that I must not only abide by their list, but that the law should enforce their subjective view of reality. These people are evil and, were I to follow their logic, I would fight to keep them from adopting children, serving as teachers, etc. But then I've have to lump myself in with them and sinking to their level does no one any good (though I've managed to mimic their vitriol.)