Ovid (publius_ovidius) wrote,

One gripe and some geeking

Minor gripe: I found out recently that someone I thought was a friend has decided they don't like me. Unfortunately, they refuse to say why. I thought I left that behind in high school. I guess for some people, high school is forever. I have a sneaking suspicion that they may not have been entirely honest with me about a recent incident and that this is somehow related but now I probably won't find out. (No, I'm not saying more. I just had to bitch.)

It's been one hell of a week so far. Tonight was supposed to be my only night to really relax this week, but thedr9wningman had to work so movie night was canceled. Damn. Since my plans were changed, I went out and bought some new running shoes. The past few times I ran I was only doing about 1.5 miles. This time, I ran three miles non-stop in 27 minutes. It's a wonder what good shoes can do for you. Now I think I need some music while running. I find I can run longer if I don't think about running.

Work has kept me busy as we are gearing up for my boss being gone for a while since his wife is giving birth tomorrow (one way or another). Thus, it's fallen on me to get a bunch of stuff done at work while I was trying to put the final touches on my presentation for the Portland Perl Mongers. The presentation, by the way, went great, up until I tried to explain something known as append/3. I knew it was complicated, but it was only after the presentation that I found out about a Prolog legend which states that the inventors of append/3 spent 3 weeks trying to figure out how it worked.

And for the curious:

append([], X, X).
append([W|X], Y, [W|Z]) :- append(X, Y, Z).

That little glorious snippet of code is, in my opinion, the gateway to the incredible power of Prolog. Once someone really gets what it does and how it does it, they'll be able to write programs of jaw-dropping power.
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