Need a job?

A friend's company is looking for an administrative assistant and computer techs. I'm not sure what qualifications are really required, but the pay tends to be good. Housing, food, laundry, and transportation are provided. From what I can tell, you can earn over 100K for some of the lesser skilled positions.

Must be willing to temporarily relocate to Iraq.

Oddly enough, I'm not kidding. I feel rather conflicted about posting this, despite his being an old friend. However, that's a rant for another day and I did promise I would post this. On the off chance that you're mentally ill and want a job in Iraq, shoot me an email and I'll put you in touch.
do you get a free flak vest and ammo? what about life insurance? how about a titanium neck guard in case of kidnap?
ALMOST sent you my resume! :) But whenever I hear (or read) "Iraq," I think "Bush," and that is the start of one very big snowball for me.

Can the friend for whom you posted see this livejournal? Just curious.

Re: Gee...
I believe I have sent him a link before. Not sure if he reads it, but I certainly hope no one would censor their comments on behalf of an anonymous stranger half a world away.
Honestly, if I were an under-employed single male, I figure being over there would be worth the risk. Haliburton does pay those that go over there well.
If I had the faintest belief that what the US is doing over there- and, more specifically, what Haliburton is doing over there- was at all righteous, that might interest me. That's some *damn* fine money, and really, it would be a hell of an experience. Unfortunately, I'm not hugely fond of the whole working-for-the-entities-which-are-destroying-my-country bit. If, say, it was a job working for a red cross or UN outpost in Rwanda or Sarajevo, I'd probably do it.
You and I are definitely on the same page here. I confess that the adventure junkie in me looks at that and starts drooling, but the moralist in me just beat the adventure junkie to death.
As much as I'd love to move away from this backwards little piece of the "heartland", I have a feeling it wouldn't be any better over there either. At least here I've got family to talk to and hang out with. And, y'know, no suicide bombers. But thanks anyway. Maybe if I didn't have kids...
Do any of thse positions begin after the end of spring scholastic term?
To be fair, I didn't specifically ask about the end of spring scholastic term, but I understand that their headhunters are always looking.
Well considering the kind of work I do... sounds interesting.
If you email me at I will reply with my phone number if your guy is interested in us SQL/Perl programming duct tape types have him gimme a call.

The way I see iraq = closer to europe, my soon to be wife is interested in humanitarian work and there are plenty of people to help in Iraq right now.
I could use an adventure.
If it were another Middle Eastern nation I would say yes. In fact, it's probably not as unsafe as they say. It really depends on what he is doing.

Do you know what happens to women in polygamous marriages who go back to the states? For instance, if I got married to a man with man wives, would my marriage be recognized in the states? Sorry, left field.