Time Travelers?

Given this link about a time traveler's convention, and being the geek that I am, I wondered what it would mean if no time travelers show up.

1. Time travel's not possible.
2. It's not possible in a corporeal manner.

Or if it is possible:

3. We don't live long enough to discover it.
4. Illegal to "out" oneself as a traveler.
5. Paradoxes make it impossible to out oneself.
6. It's outlawed in the future.
7. It's possible, but so difficult/expensive as to not be practical.
8. It has already happened and Bush is actually a Neandertal escaped from our distant past.

I'm voting for number 8.
number 8 is ammusing.....though can you imagine if you just popped in on yourself what if you gave yourself a heart attack then paradox.....that and really what coulc you do if you wentr back in time you would only be able to be an observer and I think that would be hard for most people not to interfere
I had an amusing thought: what would happen if I came back in time and caught myself in an indelicate moment? Could I be embarrassed by my own behavior if no one else knew? Who would be more embarrassed? Me, or me? Maybe I'd yell at myself for invading my privacy. And then I'd tell myself to knock it off or else I'll tell everyone those horrible little secrets that no one else should ever know.
9. Time travelers probably have far more interesting places to be.
Agreed. Why the hell would they choose this point in history to meet? Surely they find some other more interesting time.
I'd have to modify number 8 a bit, because a random time escapee would probably be caught somehow.

8.2. It's already happened, and Bush is a planted Neandertal from our distant past, put into place by Republicans from the future to ensure that their agenda truly hold.
Hehe. I've been considering possibly actually going to that
take a guess where I saw it: the pre-existing movie night.

Nevertheless, you and I could have one date. :-) What does your 12 May look like. CAVEAT: I may have to work that night and won't know until later.
tentatively booked. 20.00 here, with dinner. You like seafood? You bring movies and beer/wine/tuaca/monopolowa. I'll invite two others you've not yet met, bronwyn and mike. Anyone else?
I'll see who I can scrounge up. And don't say Tuaca. That stuff's nasty.

And seafood is yummy. I'll have to get directions again, though. I can never remember.
I'll come clean. I am a time traveler from the future, but its a very dull future. I can tell that in just a few short years from now everything will be tied up in patent court. Proving your invention doesn't violate someone's patent will become so expensive that all inventors are reduced to abject poverty.

So I am from the future but I have no fantastic new inventions to show you. Oh, the time machine? Can't tell you how it works, its all tied up in litigation. I just came back to get some Vanilla Coke.