Blah, I like his books so much too. It's I good thing librarys exist so I can read the books without giving him money:)
Sorry dude, the world's not so black and white, Card is mormon, and not only that he's active in the church. And bigoted as his statements are I respect him for his convictions and religious beliefs. Nor does bigotry on something such as homosexual marriage (which I fully support) invalidate everything else the man may have to say.

I agree that this does not invalidate everything else the man may have to say. I am stating that I don't care what those other points are and I don't want to financially support a bigot. Some bigotries are too large for me to turn a blind eye towards.
Preach it, brother Ovid!

...said with all seriousness and understanding of your credentials in that regard. :)

It's <church-lady>conveeenient</church-lady> that he doesn't mention how Norway has failed to fall into the sea from having gay marriage for nearly a generation now. It's also convenient that he trots out the usual hidden gay agenda, which has been proved utterly false by lots of medical research over the last three decades since the "hidden agenda" was most recently "discovered".

His only argument that hasn't been utterly beaten into the ground is the constitutional one, which hasn't had quite as long to be argued yet.
You respect someone's bigotry because it is based in religious beliefs?

What kind of crock is that?
Here in Oregon up until 1990, it was still okay to kill someone for religious reasons. People will put up with a lot of stupidity in the name of religion.
Mr. Card has written a weekly column in the local far-right rag, the Rhinoceros Times for many years now. He used to try and strike a balance, but the election seems to have pushed him over the edge and he's sunk into a series of rabidly pro-Bush pro-Iraq-invasion rants which were, to me, appalling. Even his review column, "Uncle Orson Reviews Everything" seemed to change from a fairly objective viewpoint to one that seemed to loathe anything that stank of the evil Left.

For me, this is sad to see. I used to count on him to provide thought-provoking stuff, even if I disagreed with it. Unlike most of the shrill knee-jerk ring-wingers that inhabit the Rhino Times. But that anti-gay column is a case of the "New Orson", trotting out ridiculous arguments and half-truths in place of reasonable points as a cover for his own emotional leanings.

Meh. Except for Ender's Game, I've heard there's no point in financially supporting him anyway. ;)
Man, that bigoted article about gay marriage was so long! I didn't read more than a few paragraphs. Trash. It seemed like the sort of situation where an author doesn't have a good argument, so he takes one or two mediocre points and stretches them out with analogies and blather until they look like a thorough argument. If he writes six pages about redefining marriage then maybe the reader wont have the energy to challenge the assertion that marriage was stringently defined before or the energy to explain why it shouldn't matter.

Not that I've ever used such an approach to an argument, of course.... Maybe I'm just projecting.
Well, I got as far as, "So it is a flat lie to say that homosexuals are deprived of any civil right pertaining to marriage. To get those civil rights, all homosexuals have to do is find someone of the opposite sex willing to join them in marriage."" before I could not take it anymore. What a maroon! He obviously has NO clue! Bleh.

I gave up on Card quite a while ago.
It's always such a shame to see someone with so much intelligence and creativity turn to the dark side.