More ID theft problems

I checked my credit card statement yesterday and discovered several "convenience" checks were cashed against my Visa. However, since those were dated only four days after the first ID theft, there's no way I could have had the new checks yet, so my credit card company must have screwed up and accidentally allowed those charges on a closed account and then transferred them over. More paperwork and hassle for me.

Also, I think my scale must be crap. Today I weighed in at just over 186 pounds. This would put me about 4 pounds of weight loss over the weekend. Given what I was eating, I doubt this, but who knows?

Yesterday's run was another 2 miles. Today I went biking for half an hour instead of running, but tomorrow will be jogging again. This time, I'm going to have 1.5 pound weights on each arm to provide me with a bit of an upper body workout. I think my arms will fall off. I seriously doubt I'll make the entire 2 mile run. We'll see.
curtis i have spent most of my youth in soccer wrestling, rock climbling, and yes weightlifting (gave it up due to innability to gain musclemass) dont put weights on your arms !!! or feet this will put major stress on your tendons and joints you need the tendons taught not loose. the best way to add weight if you have no choice is to pack a backbacl tightly to you the weight is more centered to your body and will do less damage. the swinging motion of your arms creates G-force wich is what causes the extra weight do damage. If you are looking for an all around Work out low impact i cant stress swimming enough ! you will burn more calories than anything else you will feel better and want to eat well, its like it trains your body to burn that food off cause it knows you are going swimming again. seriously swimming will get you the results you want plus you can change the style to work on different parts of the body and NO IMPACT my 2 cents
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Uh oh. This sounds like a problem.

The issue I have with swimming is that it doesn't conveniently fit into my schedule. If I can make it fit, won't I have to go somewhere and pay for access to a pool? The idea of the weights was to fit it in to something I was already doing.
Re: Also...
I have one of those exercise wheels that Silke has. It rips me to shreds. I still use it, just not as often as I should.
i think hollywood community center has a pool and i know mt scott does too its only 3.25 a session ? i know C and Aleeka have gone to 24hr fitness to swim . there are options you might have to look for them! about running JIM FIXX was the guy who started it by writing the book RUNNING back in the 70's well JIM died on the side of the road from running (heartattack) at least at the pool there is a lifeguard and phone nearby! I used to try to put weights on my ankles so i could jump higher to dunk in Basketball (got damn close) but i learned the hard way my knees were killing me to the point of almost not being able to walk i even had .5 lbs which isnt much If you try this at least put them in a backpack you wont be able to lift your arms the next day cause your elbows will be screaming at you split your workout time and do pushups OR pullups (only 1 in 5 people can lift their own weight) that will get upper torso workout taken care of then go run ...if you must LOL i sound like you are gonna drop dead LOL
Hey hun.... now the thing about weighing more than the weekend. NEVER NEVER NEVER look only at the scale. First your body will flux between a few pounds depending on many reasons. Second as you are running and working out you are prolly noticing the muscles in your legs gets stronger and firmer....well they will weigh more than if you were the same size but no muscle. You can use the scale as a guide but go by size and tone.
When I was doing the whole working out, dancing, rock climbing I saw that the smaller I got the more I weighed. lol
Also look really into the swimming running is good but it reeks havoc on your joints, when you run you are putting more than 4 times your body weight on your knees and ankles by slamming then on it. (over time without the right warm ups and cool downs it does more damage than good) If you keep your running short then you will be fine.
As for the weights I can not agree with R enough DONT DO IT!!! when using weights you need to be in control of them, when you run you will have the tendency to tear, rip or strain your mucles. I guess what I am asking is are you trying ot make them stronger or just more toned? maybe both? then the push ups/pull ups will work also you while watching tv or on the computer can put the weights on and do reps of movement that will tone and make smaller your arms.

I was going to say similar such things about the weights, but everyone else has said more than I would have, so I'll just leave it at that.