Ovid (publius_ovidius) wrote,

More ID theft problems

I checked my credit card statement yesterday and discovered several "convenience" checks were cashed against my Visa. However, since those were dated only four days after the first ID theft, there's no way I could have had the new checks yet, so my credit card company must have screwed up and accidentally allowed those charges on a closed account and then transferred them over. More paperwork and hassle for me.

Also, I think my scale must be crap. Today I weighed in at just over 186 pounds. This would put me about 4 pounds of weight loss over the weekend. Given what I was eating, I doubt this, but who knows?

Yesterday's run was another 2 miles. Today I went biking for half an hour instead of running, but tomorrow will be jogging again. This time, I'm going to have 1.5 pound weights on each arm to provide me with a bit of an upper body workout. I think my arms will fall off. I seriously doubt I'll make the entire 2 mile run. We'll see.
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