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Moving the office?

Given that we're not getting paid regularly and that we're on the verge of collapse, it's no surprise that talk of moving the office to a better location has come to a halt. Curiously, after many false starts, we had found a location. It was very close to where the CEO lived. Today, Joel Spolsky wrote an article about finding a new office. While I know he wasn't sending me a personal message, it's eerie how timely this is:

[V]irtually all corporate relocations involve a move to a location which is closer to the CEO's home than the old location. [William] Whyte discovered this principle after an extensive study of Fortune 500 companies that left New York City for the suburbs in the 1950s and 1960s. They always had big, complicated Relocation Committees which carefully studied all the options and chose, coincidentally I'm sure, to move to within half a mile of the CEO's home in Danbury, Connecticut. Whyte also showed that these companies all tanked after the relocation.
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