Hard at work


You remember the offhand comment I made yesterday about not trying to write a lexer/parser (long story) while doped up? Well, earlier today I checked in a 1,700 line change to our code base. About an hour after that, I spotted my huge design flaw. Crap. I should never, ever work while on Benadryl. I'm working like mad now to try and fix it :(
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Don't you just LOVE staring at your own code til your eyes cross? My favourite is when you spend hours hunting for a problem, only to realise you did something really stupid like forgot a ; or typoed the name of a variable.
I spent 37 consecutive hours debugging one java program during my undergrad... It was shortly after that that I switched my major to Literature.
*snort* That made me giggle.

I on the other hand, spent two years in law school, realised I was NOT cut out to be a lawyer unless they've perfected the surgery to remove your conscience, and fled for programming.
Curious. I briefly considered being a lawyer, but I wanted to do Constitutional Law. Over here there are lawyers who specialize in Constitutional Law who would make more money managing a fast food joint. It's sad.
Hah. I was doing aboriginal law, so all tied in with constitutional.

I'm just not cutthroat enough to be in that business. Well, that and it was soooo boring.
Benadryl is evil stuff. I was desperately in seek of something to relieve my sinus congestion one day at work and it was the only thing me or my coworkers could find. I literally passed out at my desk shortly after taking it and woke up some two hours later. Freaked me out something terrible.

So you end up rolling your repository back a revision such as not to break anything? Using CVS or Subversion or something else?
No. nothing needed to be rolled back as this is brand-new stuff. Instead, I'm approaching the problem from a new angle and will commit the new code as soon as I can.

And are things going OK for you? Your last journal entry didn't sound good.
Good :) I only ask because I just learned the joy of "svn revert" today ;)

Things are rather sucky here of late. Between constant travelling and helping with funeral accomodations last week, I find myself with little time to complete my work duties and side project. Most of the side project is due tomorrow, and here I am at 1:15 am coding furiously to complete a chunk of it. Likely I'll have to play the "I still don't have all the information to complete everything you want" card tomorrow and get an extension on things. I don't like doing that, and while some of the delay is my lack of time, I don't feel like they have given me enough information to finish things up.

Thankfully, I'm not the one managing the project - I'm just the coding monkey. This project has been poorly managed from the start, and I'd never have handled it the way it has been going (and had I known it would be this mismanaged, I'd never have taken this).

Other than that, just really tired from everything. Makes it hard to stay in good spirits.

Thank you for asking - I needed to get some of that out.

Congratulations on the success you are seeing running. I'm really happy for you!