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Getter better (in more ways than one)

Stepped on the scale this morning. 190 lbs. A couple of months ago, that same scale said 207 lbs. Diet and exercise, who would believed it, eh? Perversely, part of the reason I hadn't done this sooner is that I knew that a healthy diet combined with exercise would not allow me to lose weight nearly as fast as Atkins and I hated the thought of only losing a pound or two a week. Thus, I elected not to lose weight at all. Yeah, that's intelligent.

I think I'm done being sick. My head is still stuffed up, but my body feels great. I went for another two mile run today. My legs hurt more than they should and I was pretty beat when I was done, so perhaps I'm not quite done being sick, but it's a damned sight better than yesterday.

I also received my schedule for the talk I'll being giving at the August OSCON. It will be on a Friday during lunch hour. Great! The last day of the conference when everyone will be tired and heading to restaurants. Oh well. At least they accepted the talk and I know a few folks who will be there.

For anyone who's interested, I'll be giving a preview of the talk on Wednesday May 11 for the Portland Perl Mongers. It's about logic programming in Perl, something Perl doesn't naturally support outside of a limited implementation in regular expressions. I've written AI::Prolog as a proof of concept and eventually hope to port it to Parrot after a new parser is implemented.
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