Getter better (in more ways than one)

Stepped on the scale this morning. 190 lbs. A couple of months ago, that same scale said 207 lbs. Diet and exercise, who would believed it, eh? Perversely, part of the reason I hadn't done this sooner is that I knew that a healthy diet combined with exercise would not allow me to lose weight nearly as fast as Atkins and I hated the thought of only losing a pound or two a week. Thus, I elected not to lose weight at all. Yeah, that's intelligent.

I think I'm done being sick. My head is still stuffed up, but my body feels great. I went for another two mile run today. My legs hurt more than they should and I was pretty beat when I was done, so perhaps I'm not quite done being sick, but it's a damned sight better than yesterday.

I also received my schedule for the talk I'll being giving at the August OSCON. It will be on a Friday during lunch hour. Great! The last day of the conference when everyone will be tired and heading to restaurants. Oh well. At least they accepted the talk and I know a few folks who will be there.

For anyone who's interested, I'll be giving a preview of the talk on Wednesday May 11 for the Portland Perl Mongers. It's about logic programming in Perl, something Perl doesn't naturally support outside of a limited implementation in regular expressions. I've written AI::Prolog as a proof of concept and eventually hope to port it to Parrot after a new parser is implemented.
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Yay on the talk. Boo on the time.

Wish I could come to the conference. Haven't been to one in a LONG time. Haven't been to ANY conferences in a long time. I looked back and Web 99 was the last one. Seems I haven't done a lot of cons or cool classes since starting with Sun. Too busy working.

Will your preview presentation for the con be much different from the draft you posted some time ago? Is the preview only for PPMs? Weird that I now know two people from such a small group. Too bad I haven't been to Portland in a long time either.

I'm glad to hear you are losing steadily the right way. I did that a couple of years ago - lost 30 pounds the good old fashioned way. I promptly hurt my back pretty bad, and gained about a third of it back, but because I did it the right way and my metabolism had adapted, my weight has stayed at a regular place.