Definitely Changing

Still sick and the drugs are making me feel rather loopy. Remind me not to try and write a new lexer/parser while doped up, okay?

The subject, "Definitely Changing", refers to the fact that I'm actually disappointed I can't have a run today. Who would have thunk it? I still remember when a rather, er, agressive female friend of mine told me that the idea of my exercising was like the idea of her wearing a pink dress. This is strange. I have more energy, I'm sleeping better and all those "good for you things" that make you want to punch out those smug exercise freaks are happening. I hate it when they're right.

Despite being sick, I have to go out tonight. I and another friend are taking Mark and Jenn out for dinner. They're two of my closest friends (after pdx42 and _sister_madly_) and they're moving to Utah. They're going to be working at the Best Friends animal sanctuary. I'll sad they're leaving, but I understand why.

And I need to go someplace, damn it. I need to get out of Portland for a bit. I haven't gotten my "fix" in for a while and seeing something new would be a Good Thing.
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where is your favorite place to be? do you travell alot? where would you like to go? holy questions batman...okay I am done now
Tough to say. I've traveled a fair amount and I think that the UK is one of my favorite places, though I rather like Amsterdam, too. I'd like to see more of Canada, but aside from Vancouver and Montreal, I haven't had much exposure to it.

I'll probably wind up settling for a trip to the coast or something. It's not too far away.
I am from saskatchewan and it is nice here the weather is rather extreme though and you have to actually plan your trip here cause on the highways it sucks it is flat and nothing but grass but the resorts are nice and they are not overly touristy it is still really rural if you like that kinda thing
Oh Best Friends is such a wonderful place... i try to donate whenever i can. That would be a neat change of pace, to move away for a while AND get to help those animals.

Some of you freaks are making me want to punch your damn smug exercising faces :P
Don't try to write a lexer/parser while you're doped up. Jackass. I kid. Since you're sick, I won't even point out "too of my best friends."

yeah, i gotta blow this tin can town, too.
Fixed. Thanks. Fuck.

We should do a road trip sometime. Let's take your car, though. I won't feel so bad if your car breaks down.
You will be worshipping the ground my trusty Honda leaks oil on.

That's a totally fab idea. There are all sorts of cool places around this neck of the woods I wanna check out. Saturday, let's pull out CALENDARS and make a plan, maybe for May or June, for an extended trip.

hell, screw it. let's grab a flight to Vegas.
Maybe we should head to the coast for a day or two? It may not be as exciting as living on the beach or moving to Amsterdam, but I bet we'd have fun regardless.
oh no!! feel better, m'dear! i was hoping you could come to Fez tomorrow evening, but if you are illin', I understand.