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Definitely Changing

Still sick and the drugs are making me feel rather loopy. Remind me not to try and write a new lexer/parser while doped up, okay?

The subject, "Definitely Changing", refers to the fact that I'm actually disappointed I can't have a run today. Who would have thunk it? I still remember when a rather, er, agressive female friend of mine told me that the idea of my exercising was like the idea of her wearing a pink dress. This is strange. I have more energy, I'm sleeping better and all those "good for you things" that make you want to punch out those smug exercise freaks are happening. I hate it when they're right.

Despite being sick, I have to go out tonight. I and another friend are taking Mark and Jenn out for dinner. They're two of my closest friends (after pdx42 and _sister_madly_) and they're moving to Utah. They're going to be working at the Best Friends animal sanctuary. I'll sad they're leaving, but I understand why.

And I need to go someplace, damn it. I need to get out of Portland for a bit. I haven't gotten my "fix" in for a while and seeing something new would be a Good Thing.
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