Knife Man

The Checklist

Sore throat? Check.
Sniffles? Check.
Ineffective cough drops? Check.

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Get well soon. (Funny, everyone I work with in my department has the sniffles too, aside from me).
You know, I loved Chloraseptic as a kid. I used to grab a bottle and spray it in my mouth even when I wasn't sick. Yum.
Me too. One of my friends commented on this cold that seems to have burst into existence world-wide as soon as Pope Palpatine was announced...
and before ya go poping vit -c recent studies ( yeah hippes study that kind of thing);) show that vit c officially does n't do one thing for colds it's vit e that is the antioxident.. FYI... get well soon!
Zinc nose swabs, Emergen-C, chewable C and crazy amounts of Vitamin Water (the one with electrolytes) have helped me fight off the sore throat/sniffles at least 2x this year. Scoff if you like, but it's worked for me.
If you can get ahold of this tea or this tea there, they're both amazing. They'll wrap you up in a soothing cup of warmth and licorice, and help calm the coughing and sore throat. I always keep a box on hand for colds or sniffles, or just for late night before bed sipping with a nice ginger biscuit.

Holy crap! I must get this. Paypal account required, half down as a deposit and they won't say what the shipping costs are? Damn. I gotta think about this.