Watch for Ice

The Jog

Today's run was another 2 mile non-stop run. I was astonished at how easy it was. Were it not for a phone call I was expecting, I could have kept running. Still, given that I've been pushing a bit too hard, caution's probably not a bad idea.

I've also had to buy new pants as my old jeans hung on me like a tent. _sister_madly_ and I got some quality time in today and she was surprised at how much thinner I am.

Dinner: a stir-fry of organic, free-range chicken (harder on my wallet, easier on my conscience), spinach, onion and mushroom. Yum!
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But you were skinny to begin with! Mmm, spinach, onions and mushrooms.
I wasn't too large, but a lot of that is dressing well and having narrow shoulders. I have a gut and that's a key indicator of heart attacks as one gets older. I decided that dying wasn't very appealing.

Deep down inside I want you to know my innermost thoughts.
Actually no! Log off! Don't read anything, for God's sake! Danger!

Have you had your phone call yet?
I agree health is very important, especially preventing heart attacks for you men. However, I have to say that it's nice to have a little something to hold onto.
Well, if you insist :)

I agree that having a bit to hold onto is nice. I suppose it depends on one's definition of "bit". Get back to Portland and we'll compare notes.
Good to go man! It's best to run every other day, and do a different workout in the days between. That way you give your legs a rest. Keep going! :)
Congrats on the smaller jeans! Someday in the near future I'll buy smaller pants again too. Woo! :)
The thing about free range chicken is that they have pretty ok lives, so when you kill one and eat it you are actually depriving them of an ok existence. The chickens they keep penned up in cages and miserable have it pretty horrible so when I eat on of them I consider it a mitzvah.

Skinny jeans! Somehow makes all the effort worth it. :)

How do you gauge your distance so accurately? I have no idea how far I run, I just go for a certain amount of time.
Currently I use Mapquest and laboriously lay out the route from intersection to intersection. It's a pain, but it gives me something solid to work with. For some reason, if I can't attach a number to it, it wouldn't seem as worthwhile.