Ovid (publius_ovidius) wrote,

Early Morning

Yesterday, at about the 1.2 mile mark into my run, I glanced over at this house whose owners I must kill in hopes the house goes on the market when my left calf called to tell me I was walking home. So I did.

It's a lightly pulled muscle. It's not bad, but I feel it when I walk. No jogging for a bit. koschei23 was right, I was overdoing it.

Woke up this morning just before 7:00 AM. I tried, unsuccessfully, to get back to sleep when I finally said "screw it" and got out of bed. After much piddling around, I pulled my bike out and went riding for over an hour. There's no strain on the calf and biking is something my body is quite used to. I probably could have ridden for another hour, had I not been stupid and forgotten a water bottle.
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