I'm standing outside the office and I see her. She's a beautiful redhead and she's walking toward her car. She looks up and smiles. She maintains eye contact, opens her car and grabs a book out of it.

She walks away, turns around, comes back to the car and looks at me again, and smiles. It's a beautiful smile and I just can't help buy say "Hi!"

She keeps smiling and says "I don't know you. I don't want to talk to you. I don't talk to strangers."
Re: But, how were her eyes?

In response to your subject line, I must say that they were the third most beautiful pair of eyes I have ever seen. I should know, they're now in a jar on my desk. If you want to stop by the office, we can compare them with yours.

Hope all is well with you now that Ryan's moved out.

** smooches **

Re: But, how were her eyes?
"...they're now in a jar on my desk."


"Hope all is well with you now..."

Thanks, dear. Things are well... just going through the normal post-break-up adjustments now that we're not in each other's faces. It does feel good to have my own space again, but it's easy to miss a person's physical presence. That energy adds a lot of warmth and positivity to a home when it's right. Anyway....

Isa is already in dire need of some male energy. I suggest we get together for a love-fest in the near future. Er... yeah.

PS: I've got Bushmills.
Perhaps she was hoping for some sort of snappy comeback? Or... she's a true redhead.

At least you didn't get maced like usual!
Good day!
Word around the campfire is you're ascribing my lazy non-communicative behavior as an expression of anger towards you. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I've just been neglectful, so I've made cake! Alas, I've eaten all the cake, so instead I'll give you the ol' chuck on the shoulder and say 'yo,' and write in depth soon, and propose that yes, we should get together for a pint or something, and maybe you can beat me down in billiards as usual.

You know, posting to the soothing tones of Ice Cube and Dr. Dre going off hard core in "Natural Born Killaz" is something to do! "Journey with me through the mind of a maniac/doomed to be a killah ever since i left the nutsac"
Re: At least you didn't get maced like usual!

Um, no. I never claimed that you were angry with me. Since I had no luck getting in touch with you, I asked ***** if you were angry with me for some reason. Seems there was a little communication booboo somewhere along the way.

In any event, I'm happy to know that you haven't died and gone to hell (the USA appears to have made it to hell without the necessary prerequisite).

Re: At least you didn't get maced like usual!
No, my fault. That's exactly what Asterisky reported, but I made the presumptive leap. So! What's your schedule like?

America Sucks Cock. Not in the good way.