1.4 miles today. Then I walked about two blocks and jogged the rest. All told, I probably jogged about 1.7 miles today. I'm wearing a knee brace on my left knee and taking ibuprofen to help combat inflammation, but my knee stills feels much better than it did on Friday.
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good for you!
Keep an eye on the knee though, you don't want it to get any worse.
Cheap icepack: Go get two cheap bags of peas, and keep them in the freezer at all times. Put them on your knees (wrapped in a teatowel of course) for 10 - 15 minutes after every run. It works MIRACLES.
btw, hope you figured out your css. i took a stab at it, but the best i could come up with was the overflow thing.
my knee gets swollen after working out when I was younger I dislocated it and ever since have had problems
Guess what
Well done on the running.

Guess who I met at the weekend? Yet another of our extended clan!
Re: Guess what
Hey, you haven't called me, damn it! I want details!

Is he coming around? I realize this must be quite a shock for him. Hell, up until a couple of years ago, he didn't even know he was adopted :(