Please Stop With the Commercials

Admittedly, there can be a fine line between commenting about the great meal you ate at a restaurant last night and deliberately posting advertising for folks in exchange for free services, but in the immortal words of Justice Potter Stewart in describing pornography: "I know it when I see it." And frankly, I see a few folks posting ads here on LJ.

Can we please agree to -- how shall I put this -- knock it the fuck off? I am sick and tired of every god-damned little spot imaginable being turned into a billboard.

This message brought to you by Chef Boyardee Ravioli

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Will I see you tonight at the Dead Bunny?

This is not an endorsement of spooky music of any type, DJs, wearing black, eyeliner, vodka or any specific venue. Thank you.
Yuppers. Dead bunnies make me giggle. You'll owe me a hug when I get there. I'm not sure why, but I'll think of a reason by tonight.

Speaking of which, is a great place to research words. I certainly think everyone should go to and check that out.
I shamelessy posted my firends website for his designs on here lol but not beacause he gave me stuff btu cause I love him to pieces and I think that everyone should.....but I don't think I would randomly advertise for stuff and I think I might be insulted if someone asked me to iono
you rule. seriously. you need a throne so you can look down upon the commoners.


This message is brought to the readers of your friends list by the Captain & Coke you're going to buy me when we go dancing next.
Omigod, I was *just* discussing this last week when I was at the Doug Fir with my all my little hipster friends.

Y'know, the Doug Fir? On E. Burnside and 11th?

It's the best restaurant ever!

It's Portland's #1 Source for little skinny hipsters with ironic glasses and perfect sideburns and $9 salads laced with blackberries!

You should totally check it out -- I can't get enough of it!
That was, like, kinda funny. Knock it off. There are only 7 people who are permitted to be humorous in my journal. I don't recall you receiving permission.

(And kick ua next time you see 'im, will you? Just because.)