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Time to irritate more friends and readers

Ran one and a quarter miles today, walked a bit and then ran some more. It was nice to run in the rain. I found myself thinking about The Amityville Horror. Even though one of the creators of the story fessed up about it being a hoax long ago, many still seem to believe it's true and even the rereleased movie's poorly done Web site still claims that it's "based on a true story."

Why do people believe this crap? Why are people so credulous as to believe extraordinary things with little or no evidence? Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with escapism from time to time, but can we please be a little discerning, folks? There's nothing wrong with watching that movie for entertainment, but when you start believing this twaddle, what does this say about you? What's worse: why have we done such a poor job educating people that one in twenty are sceptical enough to believe the moon landing was a hoax but many more are so credulous as to believe in homeopathy?

It's a failure of education. People don't understand the danger of a flat tax because we don't learn about economics. People don't understand other cultures because history and social studies are taught as trivia to memorize. People can't appreciate a good book because book reports are little more than a list of characters and a plot summary. Did the author have a point to make? Who cares? The "Da Vinci Coode" had some fascinating information that kept me reading but it was still a fucking awful book that people raved about as a "great novel."

To compound problems, many people don't want to support education. I heard one lady complaining about paying school taxes because she didn't have any children. Never mind that the her doctor probably went to a public school. The person who delivers her mail probably went to a public school. The people making her lattés, bagging her groceries or cleaning her teeth probably all went to public schools. Education benefits everyone, but not only are we unwilling to fund it, there's an "anti-intellectual" sentiment that seems to be running through this country. Of course, that's evident in the pride many seem to have that our President is just "an ordinary guy."

Frankly, whoever's index finger is on the nuclear trigger damned well better be smarter than I am. Fuck this "it's ok to be uneducated" sentiment. It's ok to not be as smart as the next person -- many of my friends dwarf me intellectually -- but's not ok to think education isn't important. Education is one of the core foundations of society.

And then I finally got back to my apartment, soaked to the skin from the rain. It was a pretty good run.
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