I only went three links deep :) I'm going to steal borrow this for my journal. Thanks for a quick laugh!
I don't get it. I just keep getting referred to more pages. Can someone paste the joke here?

Ahem, *5* freakin' times before I got the joke..

But I've only got blondish highlights!

*ahem* I am naturally blond and I figured it out on the first click from here to another journal. Maybe I am not as hungover as I though today ;)
Re: Misogynist? Sexist?
Funny how you're the only one to catch that. Feeling a wee bit defensive about our gender, are we? (That's the "peasant" we (meaning "you") as opposed to the "Royal" we (meaning "me"))
I should have known.
Ooh... good angle! I'm the only one who mentioned it, so obviously I'm sensitive about my gender.

Not perceptive, mind you...insecure!