Many who meet me express surprise that I've decided to diet. They insist that I'm not overweight. For the most part, I don't look it as my arms and legs seem fine. However, I have a bit of a gut and as that is a key predictor of heart problems later in life, I decided it was time for it to go. I've changed what I'm eating and I've started jogging. At first, I could only jog a couple of blocks -- that was embarrassing and I was mad at myself. Yesterday, I jogged a mile non-stop in nine minutes. I probably could have jogged further as my legs were fine, but my chest was killing me. Rather than risk dropping dead of a heart attack in my attempt to prevent one, I elected to walk home. I'll give it time. I'm getting there.

In other news, sometimes I confess that I am seriously impressed with Donald Rumsfeld. Recently, he lectured the new Iraqi government about the evils of cronyism and told them not to engage in political purges of their enemies that would foster ‘‘lack of confidence or corruption in government." That really does impress me. I mean, seriously, how does Rumsfeld do this with a straight face? Not only does he have the raw courage to proudly flaunt his hypocrisy, he doesn't so much as snicker when he says this. I swear. This man has a future in comedy. Or maybe as a Fox News commentator.
It seems that I meet a lot of people who can't distinguish "diet" from "healthy living". Anytime I've tried to improve things like this, I get people thinking I'm dieting. There's really a distinction there.

That's awesome that you were able to do a mile solid like that. I've yet to reach that point.
I get the same thing. Whenever I turn down some sweet confection at work, people say, "Oh, you're on a diet?"

While I may need to diet, that isn't why I'm turning down the damn doughnut. I'm trying to avoid sugar in general, as a rest-of-my-life kinda thing.

It's very annoying that I have to explain this every 3 days.
Do you work close to downtown? I run a couple days a week on my lunch hour, and, like you, I'm hoping to initiate a change into a more health-conscious lifestyle. If you feel like it, we could run together.
That sounds interesting. However, I live just north of Lloyd Center (and work from home). I'm unsure of where we'd meet for a run and, to be honest, I'd hold you back. You wrote about a 40 minute run the other day; it's probably going to be a month or two before I'm there :/
Let me know when you're there, and we could work something out if you're interested. I promise I'm not competitive. :)
Good luck with your fitness regime.

Might I suggest that you take some body measurements like waist size / chest size etc so that in a few months you can actually see the difference you've made. It's a great morale booster after the early flush of determination wears off. I've heard of people taking full body photos before they start but personally I was always a bit too squeamish to do that.
First thing I cut out of my diet was soda pop. At our age sugar really starts to make that belly-bulge happen. Cutting sugars also helps reduce the liklihood of adult onset diabetes (which I'm sure you know).
Yeah, I just started cycling again, after 2 years in a desk job. The difference is insane, but it does help a lot. I feel a lot better even after just a week. It's incredible the difference it makes.
I hear ya. I'm working hard at keeping good eating habits (which means eating healthy food regularly) and exercise at least 4x's a week for 60 minutes. I don't want to end up like my parents.. old, out of shape, and unable to do a damn thing.