Slavery, alive and well.

I regulary get email. I've been subscribed to it for a long time. I see some strange ads, but this ad has to be one of the most amusing. I don't think they meant this ad the way it sounds (emphasis mine).

Posted: April 9, 2005

Job title: Experienced Perl Programmer DUBAI

Company name: IDCR Interdata Consulting FZ-LLC

Location: United Arab Emirates, Dubai

Pay rate:
USD 2000.--/m. + accomodation + Visa 3 years

Travel: 0%

Terms of employment: Salaried employee

Length of employment: for the rest of your life
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wow! all of that, and the fantastic salary of $24000/year.

i think i'll send in my resume'.
I've got some friends from work who're off doing comms engineering in UAE, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Turns out that that "rest of your life" bit might be pretty true. They're all getting six figures, mostly because they're working in combat or nigh-combat zones.
For the rest of your life......
Okayyyy. I think I'd pass on that. I almost make that much myself! I know it's sad but it pays the bills....
for the rest of your life eh well uh hmm kinda scary thought there