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The countdown

I don't know exactly when the company is finished, but it looks like we are doomed. One of our programmers keeps wandering off task to do "interesting" stuff and we have to work hard to reign him in. The other one does excellent, excellent work, but he strives so hard to deliver an incredibly feature-rich product with every bell and whistle that you can possibly imagine that he takes just as long to get things done.

Meanwhile, I've been pulled off of our inventory system to actually do work that earns money. This is actually a bad sign because it means the money we were expecting probably won't be coming in. I still have my last paycheck from over a week and a half ago and no word as to when I can cash it.

The frustrating thing is that I don't know how long we're going to tread water and I still can't find another job. No one is contacting me about my resume and even the recruiters aren't answering my email. Fortunately, I've had a variety of friends tell me that I can move in with them if I wind up out of work.

I've not been out of work for an extended period of time for about 15 years. Something always comes through and I know will again this time, I just am wondering where it will be coming from.

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