Well, that was a weird phone call.

Today I received my membership card for I hadn't actually joined, so I knew it was the identity thieves again. According to a nice lady I spoke with in their Fraud Unit, they do include the expiration date when validating credit card info, so my earlier complaining about this appears to have been a moot point. It's the credit card company that sent the authorization. I think I need to follow up on that. There's no point in having a card with a company this sloppy if, in fact, this is what happened.

And they confirmed that the package I refused the other day has a Sony Vaio.

And might be entering the fray, too. Seems they're not too happy with having their service used by the identity thieves.

And on an amusing note, the lady from knew who I was. It sounds like they didn't get my email, but they were forwarded my LiveJournal entry about the mess :)
I just read your past couple posts. Got linked to your entry from What an amazing story!! You are awesome :)
This has been awful, but you are an intelligent and articulate man. Imagine what it would have been like for an elderly person, someone sick or any number of more vulnerable people than you.
Some people are just scum