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Identity Theft Saga continued

OK, I'll say a bit more about what's going on as it looks the police are not a position to go any further.

I've gotten quite a bit more information about one of the identity thieves. I'll research the other when I get the police report, but for now, I'm backing off because I've called the FBI and hoping they have the resources to pursue this.

Oh, and one of the guys who was arrested was also arrested earlier this month. His charges? Amongst other things, several misdemeanor counts of mail theft (there was also a felony theft charge). Unfortunately, all charges were dismissed. The status of them is listed as "Dismissed/No Complaint."

This is frustrating as hell. He was charged with mail theft. He had mail on him for several residents in this area and he was buying goods and services in my name yet he is only charged with misdemeanors. I realize that the prior dismissed charges can't be used, but that doesn't make me feel better.

Oh, and I called the California police. He has two outstanding warrants down there but since California's not requesting extradition, it's a moot point.
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soo lets open some cards in his name they cant bust right? LOL
Perhaps there is some civil suit you can bring against him?
"...since California's not requesting extradition, it's a moot point."

It's clearly time to call the Governator. He will make these girly men cry, yah.