New Credit Card

I just got a new credit card in the mail. Too bad I didn't order it. I've taken steps to halt the problem, but this is getting to be quite a hassle.
Oh cripes. That stinks. Did you contact the credit bureaus? I have an identity thing put on my name, so that people have to verify that it is me before making any offers and such.
i had an idea that this identity theft was a problem and a hassle, but good lord. i'm sorry you have to deal with all of this.
And people make fun of me for shredding all my credit card offers. *Laughs* Gotta say, paper shredders are excellent investments.
That sounds like a great idea webstertrivium.

I recently got a new credit card in the mail. I did order it, but on the same day, i got the pin in a seperate envelope, and also the letter telling me that the other 2 letters would be coming soon on seperate days.
If someone had decided to steal my mail that day, I wouldn't have even known I had a credit card to be stolen.
Yeah, I also keep my credit limits low, I've actually had to call to keep credit card companies from increasing my credit limit, no more then I actually need. And I never carry a balance so it makes it easy to spot fradulant charges.
Adding You
Your entry about catching the ID theives was linked to Jerry Pournelle's blog and I found it quite interesting, especially as I work for one of the major credit card companies.
Anything involving credit bureaus is very hard to deal with. The agencies themselves seem to only collect information, and they do no work to ensure that the info is valid. Identity theft involving the credit bureaus takes lots of work and lots of money to clear up. I myself have an erroneous credit report, with even basic identifying information obviously wrong. I've decided to leave it wrong, as I'm not willing to spend a dime or energy to do someone else's work. I haven't had any problem as a result, as the business dealings I have are in person and not with anonymous creditors.
A few years back I received a credit card bill with a few thousand dollars in charges that I knew nothing about. You know how those credit card companies send those unsolicited checks to help you add to your credit card debt - someone down south got into the mail, took the checks and was spending my money. It took a year of phone calls till I got all of the $20,000 which had accumulated taken off my credit card bill. I tried to have my credit card companies stop sending those checks but they thought my request was absurd. I am always careful to tear those checks to bits. You saved yourself a lot of trouble tracking down the culprits on your own.
nggg... fun.

This is probably a dumb question, but did you have a fraud flag put on your credit reports by any chance? I haven't had to (thank god), but i do hear it's a good preventative measure.

Sooooo getting off of any 'mailed cheques' list for my credit card. Ugh.
Understandably so. Hope the little bastards get what's coming to them.

I just opened a new chequing account with the bank handling my mortgage. After all the stories ive read lately about this kind of thing, i actually got nervous when I got my new cheques in the mail today.
My boyfriend's dad (and consequently most of my family and my boyfriend) cut out any part of the credit card offer with their name on it then package it all back up in that handy dandy prepaid envelope they give you and send it back to the company.
That's a fun game to play with any prepaid envelope. :)
I like to send different things back to them. (Insurance forms to credit card companies, etc)
I think I got the idea from George Carlin or someone similar.
Turn my back and look what happens
Hi brother - Sounds like you have been having fun for last few weeks. More than me anyway. moan, grumble etc.

Anyway I will definitely definitely phone you this week and let you know about my visit to Newcastle. Unfortunatley, still haven't spoken to Greg - he was in the car with Lynne coming to meet me, but bottled it at last moment. Understandable tho....

PS - Saw your meme, did have a giggle at those memories! Remember lady in Paris who went club-to-club, should sue that lot for false advertising!!
Re: Turn my back and look what happens
Oh, god, I remember that lady. I remember when she saw us, left the stage and came back in a different outfit. I could never understand why she cared.

Looking forward to the phone call. I spoke with Lynne yesterday. She was thrilled to meet you. Hopefully Greg will come around at some point.

I have to admit, I'm dying to know what they look like. Lynne said she was shocked how much you two look alike.