Hard at work

And the police report still waits

I called police information and found out that I need to send mail, the old-fashioned paper variety, to get the police report. It's a minimum of 21 days before I get the report. Calling down to the precinct reveals that the arresting officer can expedite this process. As it turns out, he's off until Thursday, so that's the soonest I can get a better idea of when to get the damned report.

For those who've called me a liar and really, really want to prove me wrong, you can order the "non-existent" report by sending a SASE and a $10.00 check or money order made out to Portland City Treasurer:

    Portland Police Bureau
    11 SW Second Ave
    Attn: correspondence
    Portland, OR 97204

Request case number 0528682 in your inquiry.
Is this the fine trolls from slashdot who are trying to
smear your name?
Re: hey
actually cant you put their address in the return addy and your addy in the in the send to (middle) no stamp and it will be "returned" to them for insufficient postage???
Re: hey
If I'm not mistaken, screwing with the US Mail is worth a few penal slaps on the wrist. I'd rather not commit a federal crime in mail correspondence with the police, thank you :)
Re: hey
I think Thrakazog beat him to it.

But anyway, yeah, that's how I found my way here. And your entry was the coolest thing I'd read this week, so I friended you.

Hope you don't mind.
that is silly not to believe what the heck is slashdot by the way
Just a heads up that I've added you. I found your identity theft story intriguing (my ex-wife's been a victim several times) and I live in Vancouver, so this is all particularly fun and all too, well... local to ignore.
Cool beans, so to speak.
I'd almost send for a copy just to see how the officer took the fact that it might as well have been a citizen's arrest. Really, you took every step in the hunt except for the arrest... You even cornered the suspect. Not some bad investigation work, really. ;)

Good job, few often get such a chance at retribution and take it... well, without a gun.

I'd be curious to know exactly how they managed to get your info though. Once the card companies get their hands on the two of them and everyone starts pressing fraud charges... Well, with this much proof the truth should spill out like black jellybeans; tainted with fear and blame for each other.