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Obtaining Police Reports

Does anyone know of a quick method of obtaining a police report? I found out that a police report on a crime I recently reported is ready. One of the officers at the original scene said I can go downtown and pick up a copy, but when I call police info, they say I can only have it mailed to me and it will take a minimum of 21 days to get to me. However, the suspects know I busted them and I need to get that police report now (not to mention the fact that posting the damned report will shut up the people who claim the incident never happened.)
Go to the police...
Walk into the station and ask for the report. If you get pushback then ask to speak to someone who can explain to you why it takes 21 days to mail a report to you that already exists in their files. Explain why you need the information ASAP. Be calm and reasonable with them and odds are they will help you out.
Brick through the window works for me.

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The only time I had to get a police report, I just had to wait a week and then go in person to the station and get it. You give them the money, they print you off a copy on the printer and you're all done. The worst part is waiting in line and then watching them bust some guy for an active warrant right next to you and hoping to hell he isn't armed. Other than that, piece of cake.