No more anonymous comments

OK, I've gotten tired of the /. kiddies. Most of the folks from /. and beyond were pretty cool, but enough is enough. No more anonymous comments. Hell, I even deleted the last one. If you're gonna launch a personal attack, be decent enough to admit who you are (though that comment will probably force me to restrict comments to friends.)
Wait. YOU got ripped off and they are slamming you? Some people have way too much time on their hands and not near enough intelligence to use it wisely. Eh, block anon posts.
Yeah, I know. I usually have a pretty thick skin, but I think I've grown soft in the Perl community. I generally don't get attacked like that now that people know who I am. The /. kiddies can't resist having their fun, though (usually because saying things online is the only way they can say those things.)
did you see the mc chris "interview" a little while ago? the /. "people" got really upset because chris basically blew off the interview and answered in very short non-detailed responses. in his journal he noted that, having never been to /., he went and looked /. over before responding to the interview questions. chris' basic assessment was that most /. commenters are assholes with very little to do besides being assholes on /. so he blew them off.

what does it say for a community when it becomes this entrenched in obviously negative and otherwise worthless behavior?

i think i hear the winds of the intardweb whispering to me. "burn it all", they say. or is that just my cat telling me to kill people again.... damn cats.
i've been reading alterslash for a while now. everyone knows about right? articles, signal-noise graphs, and only the top 5 "best" comments (the algorithm for determining "best" isnt clearly documented anywhere but seems to not make me want to kill people). this way i only get the crappy reporting of slashdot without the horrors of most of the comments. :)
indeed they could. and that css based "keep the giant icon in the lower right hand corner" will suck the life out of your cpu if given the chance. alterslash publishes an alternate stylesheet that gets rid of that icon but does not have the functionality to make it stick.
I did the whole "No anon awhile ago"

I added you as a friend becuase I think the way you handled those cooks was just the Mfin Sheat

no ovid pics yet :::tapping foot::: dont make me play with one of them and post it LOL
Re: hmm
Sorry about that :(

I've been rather overwhelmed with other events right now.

They're amazing pics, though. I'll try to post them as soon as I can get to my regular computer (long story).
Re: hmm
totally just playing with you man ! and being a proud papa but those teethy one are going to be fun i promise i will be nice and not damage your dating credibility although it seems has been good as of late LOL
Ok, I got here via Slashdot, but I can't see why someone would slam you for being smart enough to look into why two credit card companies in two days asked you if you were spending multi-thousands of dollars. Maybe they're just friend of the druggies you slammed, I don't know. I found it interesting, and humorous as to how dumb they were. Staying in a hotel in the same town as you, and TELLING people at a restaurant this. Incredible. I can't wait to hear the end, keep it up. :)