What the hell?

I don't know if what I did was the right thing, but just now, I told UPS that no, I would not accept the packages from Apparently, the identity thieves had the Costco goods shipped to my apartment. I briefly thought about holding it for "evidence" and calling the police. If I did that, Costco would be more likely to get upset. However, I didn't want to take the chance.
I think you did the right thing - since you didn't order the stuff, you couldn't very well accept it. And this way, Costco will still have the record of both the unauthorized order and your refusal of it.

I get Slashdot Daily News e-mails, which is how I happened upon your journal. You're famous! So of course I had to add you, and see you're catching up on your new Friends.

Nice to meet you :)
Ahh, they bought you a present (with your own money). How thoughtful.
well, ofc the theives had his address, right? so i bet they were going to hang out around his place and hope that the guy in the brown shirt would just leave it on the doorstep or whatever. then, just scoop up and run.

why wouldn't they have it sent to them? cause then the po-po's would have their address.
Re: re
Damn. I really need a new laptop. Can you please leave your credit cards lying around next time a visit?