Hard at work


It appears that I will probably be on KOIN News tonight at 11:00. There are a few topics that didn't get touched on, but that's probably for the best.

Now all of Portland can see what a doofus I am (or am not ... I really have no idea.)
how come your on the news?

it was great to see you the other night!
Shame on you...feeding the machine like that.

Either way, it's fun to see yourself as translated by the crystal tit.
Haha, rad.
Ovid, International Man of Mystery.
wow...that was alot of catching up to do!
you're my new hero and my new soap opera!

I'll try to find a tape and set it up...
I'm at work... but I am SO going to turn the station off of CNN and get KOIN tonight! Heheh. :>
Wow, I just checked the news site. Plane crash, hostage taking, mammoth bones, murder. What a difficult weekend to get on the news! I'm rooting for you over the shot horse.

I find it amusing that a)none of us knew what channel KOIN is on, and b)we had such a difficult time thinking of someone who actually gets t.v. reception and could record the spot!
I saw you! It was totally by chance too. I was watching a movie and when it ended, the tv was on that channel at exactly 11 pm! Weird timing...

Anyways, you did great and did not look like a doofus.
Crap! If I had seen this yesterday I would have recorded it on my Tivo to save you for posterity. ;)
ON Monday at Noon
Your piece was on Monday's noon news b'cast. They may re-play in the evening depending on how many more things/people they find in the Willamette River.
They ran a mug of one of your perps as well. Good to tape over your name on the cards too, next time: C.a.poe [n]