Identity theft -- follow up

As it turns out, the two guys have already been released. They were charged with misdemeanors and have a court date next month. However, they talked. A lot. It turns out that this is part of an ongoing scam in the local area.

There's enough intriguing information that the police feel that felony busts may happen, but I can't really say more at this time. Again, when I get the police reports, I'll post 'em for you.
did you cross post this story to another source? like something called
Isn't it grand theft over $1500? Or did they plea down to the misdemeanors by talking?
Please check your temporary yahoo mail account.
I am not a LiveJournal user but need to contact you concerning your case. I sent a message to the account spelled backward on your website. Thanks,
I picked up the story on if you're interested to know who is carrying your story. Very awesome... I always love the vigilante type justice.

Over the summer, my friend had his house broken into.. tons of crap stolen, computer, bass guitar, dvd's, etc. I took a stab at it, and searched ebay for some of the stuff he had. Sure enough, it all came up.. and the seller had a bunch of other stuff up there as well. Called the police, and the guy got busted for it.

Turns out he was a former "children's aid" employee who was being charged with (get this) child pornography posession, and was robbing houses and ebaying their shit to pay for lawyer fees.

Found you on /. add you as a friend because I wanted to see how this all turns out!
Hi! Nice work on catching those scum. Ive been following your story since it was reported on Slashdot. So, they let them go huh? Are you not scared of those guys coming after you to pay you back for catching them?

I am a bit concerned about the situation. As it turns out, they only live a few blocks away, so that's rather disconcerting.
And the police never told you anything of how would you be protected, if at all? They DO know it was you who got them caught no?
Only a few blocks?
And you're supposed to do what, if they want your butt??
Bro I would be moving or getting a VERY big dog! Mean dog! Ok I'll be quiet. I don't want my brother getting hurt!
yeah, I felt worried for you when I read you'd be on the news and then saw this :/
not that these jerks would try to hurt you, just that you don't want to bring more mess into your life
be careful