Don't fuck with Ovid

Not only did they get my Discover card, they also rang up charges on my Visa.

Why do I say "they?" Because there are two identity thieves sitting in jail right now. Took me less than an hour to find them. More later.
Thas right. You no fuck wid de Ovid. He put the barrel up you ass, and pull the trigger until it go "click."

i'll reimburse you those Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches asap. Please dont' turn your crime-fighting voodoo on me, i beg you.
Having fallen prey to it (at Christmas, no less), I say a hearty "fuck yes" to you, sir.

I always had a hard time watching that show without wanting to hide under a table in affectionate embarassment.
Nice work.

I'd like to hear your story too. Especially for the next time some pond scum decides to steal my bank card number.
I'm glad the perpetrators have been caught, and that the fraud was discovered early on. A cautionary tale for us all though, I guess there's no such thing as 'secure' or 'safe' purchase by card. I always feel uncomfortable when I buy online, but there again I don't really want to miss out on stuff that's cheap or impossible to obtain in my area.
Looking forward to hearing the rest of your story!
Statistically, resturants and gas stations account for far more credit card fraud then online, IIRC. Every time you hand somebody your card... (This is much less true now that there aren't carbon copies of your card made every time, but it's still quite the case.)