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Forget Ginkgo Biloba

Years ago, when I had a particularly difficult time due to the ending of a long-term relationship, I decided I needed some help. I'm not much for drugs, but I did a lot of research about St. John's Wort. Despite my skepticism (most herbal remedies that I have checked out are bunk), I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there's a lot of research which indicates that it's effective. I started taking it and it worked wonders for me.

Since I've decided to pay more attention to my health, today is my second day of taking ginkgo biloba and walking to work. Now while walking to work can have clear benefits, I wasn't too sure about ginkgo biloba's ability to improve my memory. As a result, I just started what I did with St. John's Wort: I've been researching.

With St. John's Wort, there was a clear link established between regular consumption of standardized amounts of the active ingredient and improvements to mental well-being. However, I've heard so much about ginkgo's ability to enhance memory that I didn't even bother to question it. Well, that's stupid. Blindly following the herd is anathema to me; I shouldn't be paying attention to the marketing and not finding out for myself. So I did. I read about study after study. The results were the same: I can forget about ginkgo biloba. I was another fish on a marketing hook. I failed to think for myself and wasted my money. I suppose, in that sense, that ginkgo did improve my thinking :) I'm going to go home and throw away the bottle.

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