Watch for Ice

The Vampire Masquerade

Not much to report from the Masquerade except to say that I had a blast. A tip o' the top hat to ladyraven13 for a job well done.

Tip of the top hat
Yeah, yeah, yeah. When the hell you visiting Portland? I understand that you're skipping June (for obvious reasons now.)
I'm not too proud to say I wish it were sooner than later - wow I suddenly miss you in a visceral way ;)

I'm going to postpone the trip until I have a better idea of Jen's plans. I want to be able to be there for that particular event, no matter when it makes it. So it'll probably not be this summer, or even this year. We'll see how the finances and savings go.
You look great bro! You are NOT the little kid I grew up with! Nuff said!