Dark Days for Amerika (sic)

Warning: this is a rant and it's very political. You might want to just ignore it.

I was at the Portland, Oregon peace rally yesterday. Estimates on attendance vary quite a bit. The Oregonian, our local daily, always reports lower numbers for turnouts compared to other sources. The Portland Police Department stopped issuing estimates because every second guesses them. In any event, it looks like there were about 30,000 to 40,000 people at the protest. I also noticed very few pro-Bush supporters. We're a fairly liberal town.

What is really sickening to me is that Bush and friends don't seem to care. Fears of war are dividing our nation, turning the world against us and according to the Federal Reserve, further depressing the US economy. How can we possibly benefit from a pre-emptive strike against an impoverished regime when the much of the "threat" seems to be detailed in forged and plagiarized papers? We're making fools of ourselves.

And for me, it just got personal. Today, my father is landing in Dubai (a city in the United Arab Emirates). He should be there for a week, but even in a "pro US" Arab country, the danger to US citizens can be enormous. I know it's his job, but I don't want him there.

The Bush administration is busy destroying our civil liberties, selling us out to the Christian right, destroying any goodwill we have with the rest of the world, has no economic policy to speak of and is pretending that environmental policy is best dictated by business considerations. Now many innocent (and some not-so-innocent) people are going to die and much of the world has no idea why. Is there any good associated with this White House? If there is, I can't see it. This is a very dark time for our country.
I share your thoughts about the matter. I hope that your father is okay too. I'd still go over to the MidEast if my job required. We take our lives into our own hands as you know. Hell, just driving here in the 'States can be dangerous! But, I know what you're saying. Take care, and maybe something positive will occur in the end of all this current state of affairs; but Dubya needs to go before that might happen!
Has there ever been a time when it wasn't more embarrassing to be an American than right now?