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Top 100 Gadgets

So you may have seen this link about the Top 100 Gadgets. One interesting gadget, the TRS-80 Model 100, is described thusly:

Not the first portable computer, nor the most advanced, the Model 100 distinguished itself through simplicity, ruggedness, and portability. For $800 you could outfit yourself with this 6-pound mobile typing machine (a real featherweight compared with the 20-pound Osborne and Kaypro portables). The specs weren't impressive: 8KB of RAM, an eight-line-by-40-character display, no hard drive, a 300-baud modem, and a 2.4MHz Intel CPU ...

I was surprised to see that computer listed as one of the top 100 gadgets. In 1988, I was so fed up with its poor ability to manage my information that I reprogrammed the one the company provided me with. We used it to enter sales data, but we had a calculator next to it that we added up the figures prior to entering them. I was so sick of having to use a calculator when I had a perfectly good computer that I changed the code to add up the figures for me. My job became much easier and I got my work done faster and more accurately. I also got in trouble because the district manager said my numbers were "too perfect." He deleted my program and reinstalled the company's version despite my having permission from the corporate office to make the change.

Those were the days :)

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