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3 Things

  1. Google thinks I am spyware. That's because I was doing stuff some people don't like. It didn't used to give results like that and possibly it will stop doing that soon, but who knows ...
  2. Last night I had dinner with pdx42 and _sister_madly and pdx42's two delightful daughters. Sean and Lil helped me flesh out some of the ideas for my book. This thing might just get started!
  3. My sister Lynne called me today. I'm still getting used to the thought of having another sister and I can't tell you how deliriously happy it makes me to hear from her. I must try and fly over for a visit to Newcastle under Lyme.
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So do I, so do I.

Who knows? Maybe I'll be able to meet some of my British LJ friends at the same time? Worth a thought ...
I grew up in Newcastle on Tyne, which is actually nowhere near Newcastle under Lyme. Newcastle on Tyne is much dirtier and more gross and dangerous than the nice place your sister lives. This is not really any kind of coincidence at all, it just now makes me sorta kinda homesick, if by homesick, I could mean kinda grimy and maybe wantin to sniff glue.
Interestingly, Lynne mentioned Newcastle on Tyne and was making it clear they were not the same town. Newcastle under Lyme actually sounds rather nice, but far, far away. No glue sniffing there, methinks.

I keep forgetting your a Limey.