This is going on my Live Journal instead of my technical ones because my ex-boss doesn't know about this journal (I hope).

He just left the company under, shall we say, less than ideal conditions. He's not a bad guy and his technical skills seem decent, but he CAN'T FRIGGIN' PROGRAM!!!

Non-technical description: I have a very, very tiny task that should have taken about an hour to do. The programs I am working with all use external modules to help them assemble data. My ex-boss seemed to think it would be a good thing to make multiple copies of these modules, strew them all over the damned computer, make subtle changes to each of them, and then not make it clear how they are used. I'm supposed to make a quick change to switch some of these tools to use a different database. I did that with some of the code that I've written and it took just a few minutes. I've been working on his stuff for several hours now and have discovered all sorts of nifty "gems" hidden in his code so I can't figure out where anything is or how it gets hooked together.

Technical description: if you work in my shop and you make multiple copies of the same module and toss hard-coded configuration information all throughout the damned things and write 150 line subroutines that you can't be bothered to indent correctly (and mix tabs and spaces for indentation), I am going to hate you. Pure and simple: I'm going to hate you. Damn it.

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"He just left the company under, shall we say, less than ideal conditions."

Does this mean that there will be less to whine about at work?

I'm not sure. We've had many problems with him and those should go away, but our actual development process is still poor. I've tried to convince people of the need for little things such as 'specifications' and 'documentation', but that doesn't go very far. I'm able to get my team to cooperate (herding cats, anyone?), but I don't care to do bottom-up management with my supervisors.

On the other hand, it does mean more money for payroll! Whether or not that translates to getting paychecks on time remains to be seen.

I wish the ineffectual dead-weight programmers and management would leave my company; good terms, bad terms, don't care. It really is quite frustrating.

Senior Software Engineering Developer: "Nope. Can't be done. ProgramX can't possibly be ported to Linux."

Lowly Telecom Systems Tech: "Er um. Already did it. Look here."]

Anyhoo. I empathize with your frustration of the knuckle-headded incompetant sort.