Nobody's said anything about it, but I have a creeping dreadful feeling that somehow it was PLANNED as a means of further undermining the gay rights movement. Like, they knew fully well what his history was and used him as a pawn in their new genocide of homosexuals. It's happening. It's a game of dominoes, they're just setting things up to start toppling and sending people off to the smokestacks. It freaks me out.

I want out of this fucking country, and I want out NOW.
Yes, I also want the fuck out of this country, but much of that motivation stems from the fact that virtually all of the family I have regular contact with (except my sister) lives in England or Germany.

And my sister, curiously enough, may be marrying a gentleman from Wales and moving over. I'll be left familyless over here :(
Nice icon. LOL

Well, I tell ya, my family is spread all over the country and I still feel alone. The world is smaller now. I'm closer to my friends abroad than I feel to my family; I envy the notion of genuine family. Just the same, I wish I could pack all of us, nationwide, my whole family, into a truck and move north to a commune. (Yes, every day I think about this; and every day I feel more and more insane.) I want a farm. 100 acres, razorwire fences, floodlights, landmines, canned food and shotguns. Well, livestock and shotguns. :0) But I want to get "off the grid". Because the grid is falling apart and I don't want to be dependent on it when it crumbles.

He may have been kept around the Capitol for other reasons? Blackmail, dude...

But you know, never give credit where stupidity is due. If it were a planned anti-gay thing, the story would be unfolding in the primary media stomping grounds of an easily influenced conservative constituency. Though I dunno -- is it?