Excuse me?

I'm at Safeway, doing some shopping, because that's what you do at Safeway.

I leave Safeway and see a beggar, shivering, holding up his sign. I hand him a dollar because that's what I do for beggars (sometimes).

He looked at me and said "no."

The word for the day is nonplussed.
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Huh?!!?? I've been yelled at for buying them food, but saying no to change??!!?!
Reminds me of charity street teams in Boston that will not take donations less than $50. $50! Can you imagine?? Somebody walking up to you on the street asking you to support a cause with money, and REFUSING to take whatever you're willing to give if it's not their predefined minimum? Absurd.
I'll take it, if it'll make you feel better... ;)
Maybe he just wants to serve to remind people how uncomfortable they should be with the poverty that exists around them?

Btw, did you happen to read his sign?
I'm guess you really do have "Can I suck your cock for a buck?" written on your forehead, as you've always complained about.
Wait, you've been wearing that t-shirt too?

talk about making people uncomfortable with the poverty that exists around them.
If the guy is a professional bum he was probably on break. State and federal law is pretty stridend about making people work while on break. You should be called to task by the wage and hour comission.