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I ain't normally the suin' type, but I think I'd sue.

Or kill myself. I dunno.

ohh dear :( if I can see it then it's bad and i can see it .. hmm maybe a monkey did it .. i hear they are good with tattoo guns?:)
That's awful! Not as bad as the kanji artist putting messed up characters on people, but hey, still quite bad. I'd sue too.
Is that the one who allegedly tattooed Winnie the Pooh on another prisoner's back when the other guy thought he was getting skulls?
that guy's my new hero for the day.

I've been saying for years that dumbass people who get foreign characters tattooed to themselves without knowing what they really say are getting what they deserve.

"insert generals tso's chicken here"

Presumably, these folks just showed up at his place and asked him to both translate *and* do the tattoo.

Okay, seriously, folks shouldn't fuck with tattoos on other folks - being a tattoo artist is a major responsibility.

But, still, I'm awfully tired of wannabe hipsters getting shit tattooed to themselves when they have no freaking clue what it says.
I hear that renegede!

People who get dumb tattoos deserve to get their tatoos made dumber!

Really, when it comes down to it, is there a much more effective way to label the idiots?
Mind if I post this on the group grammar_heil? This owuld fit perfectly.
this is all too typical, people never know where to put their apostrophes! You usually see apostrophes where they're not required, but this guy has done the opposite. I can't believe a tattoo artist could make such a big mistake, it's not as if he can just rub it out and start again. Maybe the client is illiterate too though.
I like the term 'grammar nazi', lol. I suspect I may be one, and I'm not ashamed of that. I recently saw a plaque in a park, commerorating the 'Grammer School' that once stood there. I have also seen office shops advertising half price 'stationary'. How standard have declined! Wow, that was a nice little rant, I feel much better now ;-)
The client had no clue.

It was the client, IIRC, who'd first posted the pix to show off the tattoo.
i didn't know you were a grammar Nazi. I am now scared of you!:(
I don't get too hung up on it. However, I'd be pissed off if something like that were permanently affixed to me.
i would too and i suck at that kind of thing .. that makes you tattooed as an idiot for life.. you'd think the person would have been watching what the tattoo guy was doing!
I freely confess that I occasionally type "it's" when I mean "its", but that's usually in informal settings. I do know the difference and I certainly wouldn't send something out professionally with such a disaster on it.

Irrelevant side note: I noticed in your journal that you read My current boss is the guy who wrote much of the software that drives their site. That's the main product we hawk today. Small world, eh?
Oh, sure; we all make mistakes; no big deal. But it was just that the IEEE instance came directly alongside my page proofs, from the copy editors. I was, well, distressed.

It's cool that you're connected to the people who built Salon's structure. It's a shame that they're doing so poorly financially...