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Uncle Sam Wants Me

The call was most unexpected. It was from a private number and I shouldn't have answered it, but I did. It was a military recruiter. Apparently, he has an alumni list from PCC and he's calling all past and present students. I pointed out that I was a 37 year old asthmatic. He told me that was OK. I pointed out that I have a good life and a nice career and why would I want a pay cut? He tried to explain about the many benefits of the military. I told him that George Bush was insane and our current foreign policy is lunacy. He gave up.

Today I wound up chatting on the phone for an hour with my new sister. It was wonderful. She sounds quite nice and I would love to meet her at some point. I also have two or three nieces (from what I gathered) over there and found out that my new brother Greg is still caught a bit off guard by much of this. I'd write more about it, but there's not much I can say without violating their privacy. Suffice it to say that I found out a bit more about my family history. We're a weird lot.
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